3 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Right Out of College

Graduation has come and gone, and you finally packed up your cap and gown. The newly achieved diploma is proudly hanging on your family room’s wall. The next step is simple: grab yourself a great job.

It can be a daunting task to venture out into the world with just you and your resume, but finding a job right out of college doesn’t have to be a nail-biting experience. There are plenty of entry level jobs you can find that will help chip away at that student debt you accumulated. Here are three jobs that can help you further the career of your choice, or simply pay off some of those never ending bills.

Become a medical assistant

A Medical Assistant Diploma Program in New Jersey can provide you with the necessary medical skills to get a job in a private practice or hospital setting. In 2017, the average starting salary in this field began about $32,480 per year. As a medical assistant, some of your responsibilities will be to interview patients, and record and obtain their personal medical histories.

During an office visit, you can assist the physician with any medical exams and injections if needed, collect blood for laboratory tests, and keep track of the patients’ concerns when they first come in. You might help organize the office or hospital by transferring written documents into newer emerging computer programs such as electronic health records or EHR.

Become an automotive or diesel technician

Jobs in automotive and diesel technology are always in demand, and after graduating from an automotive & diesel technology college in NY, you can put your newly learned skills to use such as flipping old cars. Restoring historic cars has become a popular way to make a good living, and of course, it brings back old memories to people who are nostalgic over an old family vehicle.

After turning the ripe old age of 25, a car in the US can be deemed historic. However, in the UK, the cutoff is considered to be any car made before 1977. The DMV will give you the proper paperwork needed to classify the cars you work on. Putting one together with as many original pieces can become a lucrative business. This field offers up a salary that can begin at $33,794 per year and grow with experience.

Become an audiologist

One in three people will experience hearing loss as they get older. Going to school to become an audiologist will prepare you to prevent, diagnose, and treat hearing and balance disorders. Working in audiology care is very rewarding, as it offers a chance to help those who find themselves frustrated or scared about what is happening with their hearing. Loss of hearing can jeopardise the wellbeing of both the person afflicted and those around them. As an audiologist, you will determine what is causing the loss of hearing, such as damaged nerve cells or the buildup of earwax. Treatments you would administer may include surgery, vertigo treatments, or placing tubes into a child’s ear. The starting salary of an audiologist can begin around $80,000 per year.

Working in the healthcare or automotive fields can establish a secure and profitable career. Each of these give you opportunities to help others and grow your own career. It is time to set out on your adventure and to find the bright future you have worked so hard for.

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