3 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Make Running Fun

Are you struggling to keep your running routine fresh and exciting? Are excuses starting to spring up that keep your running shoes languishing in the closet lately? Everyone benefits from a little spice in their daily routine, so here are some unique ways to make your next run more enjoyable.

Recruit Your Running Buddies for a Sprint Relay

Some experts say that sprint training can help enhance muscle tone and metabolism for long distance runners, tightening up both form and muscle gain. Sprinting by yourself may not be as fun as sprinting in a group, so organize a weekly or monthly sprint relay with your fellow runners and turn it into a great social event that helps everyone connect and stay motivated together. You can explore new places to run with your group to expand into unknown territory, as this can help keep things interesting as well.

Getting a group together and making team t-shirts, hats, or even funny racing bibs is one great way to build camaraderie and morale with your fellow runners, but if you really want to kick it up a notch, get some glow apparel from Premier Glow to spice up an early evening event. For even more fun, get the whole family involved and share your passion for running along with some healthy competition!

There’s no Law Against Laughing!

For many people, the perfect playlist makes a run tolerable, but you don’t always need to play music while you run. Que up your favorite comedian on YouTube or find a funny podcast to listen to while you work out.  Let your favorite quotable movie play in the background and don’t worry about odd glances from passersby when you yell, “Inconceivable!” You can binge-listen to classics like Monty Python or The Muppet Show for a bit of nostalgia or laugh along to reruns of your favorite sitcoms and let the miles melt away.

For an added challenge (especially if you run in backcountry where nobody is listening), try playing a musical or movie soundtrack and singing along; managing your breath while running and singing can make plain old running seem ten times easier next time! If you run with a group of people, have a contest to come up with the funniest endings to military cadences like “I don’t know, but I’ve been told…”

Spice up Your Smoothie

Managing a busy schedule often means falling into quick, convenient habits which can sometimes become boring.  If you use a pre-workout powder like Mesomorph in your smoothie, get multiple flavors and plan a new smoothie recipe each month. You can also create holiday concoctions like cinnamon and green apple candy in the fall, mix in some coconut water with pineapple-flavored powder for a taste of the tropics in winter, or even make a watermelon-lime smoothie to deal with the dog days of August.

Swap recipes with your fellow runners or have a monthly contest at work for the most delicious smoothie recipes to get your co-workers in on the fun. There’s far more flavor to life than the well-trodden peanut butter or strawberry-banana blends, and the creativity you put into making your next smoothie might even make you more excited for your next run.

Making the time to stay healthy is an important part of anyone’s self-care routine but making that time fun and enjoyable instead of falling into a “routine rut” is essential to your wellbeing. Even if you tend to be a lone runner, sometimes adding an occasional social element to your workouts can improve your enjoyment level, and finding creative ways to include your family can help you knock out some quality family time while you stay fit together.


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