3 Things to Know About a Window Sash and Why They’re Important

When was the last time you looked at your windows and looked beyond the glass? If you aren’t familiar with the functionality and design of your home’s windows, you may be unprepared when it’s time to replace or repair them. Most people aren’t aware of exactly what the window sashes are or what they do. If this is you, you’re definitely not alone. The following information will explain what a window sash is, why they are important and why you may need to consider window sash replacement.

What is a Window Sash?

A window sash is the part of the windows that hold the glass and the framework around the glass in place. It is a distinct from the window frame, which is actually mounted to the walls of your home. They are fitted into the window frame and may or may not be moveable and some windows may have multiple moveable sashes. The sash locks into the window frame on a set of runners that allow the window to be moved up and down.

The Importance of a Window Sash

The window sashes play an important role in keeping your home sealed against the elements as well as giving your home an aesthetic appeal. They are extremely important to the overall durability and construction of the windows. The sashes are the part of the windows that are most likely to become damaged or to become inoperable. So, it is essential that you ensure the sashes are able to open and close properly and that they don’t become damaged or warped in a way that may prevent them from meeting evenly with the rest of the window casement. The sashes basically contribute to the longevity of your windows, so if damages do occur, window sash replacement as soon as possible is essential.

Signs its Time for Window Sash Replacement

Window sashes are made up of several components. The stiles and rails are what frame the glass in, and they should be routinely inspected to ensure they glide smoothly. The sealant and gaskets around the glass should also be routinely inspected to ensure that the gas filler used between the glass panes is still in place and that there are no loose internal pieces. Also, be sure to inspect all locks and/or crank mechanisms that are attached to the sash for signs of damages or wear. If you notice any problems with windows, contact a professional window installation company to have the window and the sash inspected to determine if window sash replacement is necessary.

One of the most important reasons you need to ensure the sashes are working correctly is for the safety and security of your home and family. If the locks are broken or worn out, it poses a serious security threat; making it easy for anyone to break into your home. Also, if you have children and the sash locks are no longer working properly, children can easily open the window, which becomes a serious safety issue.

If you are experiencing problems with your window sashes and need more information about window sash replacement, contact AdvancedWindowsUSA.com.

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