3 Unique Ways to Go Paperless

Each person who takes a stance towards eliminating their paper use is benefiting the environment and saving our trees. It has been reported that the paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world. With that being said, we should take advantage of the resources that allow us to reduce our consumption of paper. Take these tips when thinking of ways you can make an environmental impact.

When Heading to Literally Any Event

Ticketmaster and other ticket sales sites will let you use a ticket on your phone. When it is possible to do this, you should. Think about all the people who attend events with a piece of paper in hand. Then consider all that waste being eliminated, which is very possible if the effort is made. In 2018, you could almost get rid of your printer entirely. This will force you to get into the habit of using digital tickets for every event. Printing and wasting paper really isn’t necessary and we should use technological advancements to our environmental advantage.

Go Paperless With Your Smoking Habits

This is especially for avid smokers. If you use papers for your marijuana (in legal states of course) or for your tobacco, you probably don’t even think about how much paper you actually consume. But removing this habit is a simple way to save time, money, and paper. Instead of using paper, check out glass blunts or bongs for smoking purposes. Glass blunts especially are just as portable and help save our planet by eliminating toxic waste.

Smoking isn’t something people usually associate with being environmentally friendly, but thanks to glass smoking products, this has become possible.

Say No to Paper Receipts

After purchasing something, we often are given a receipt. This receipt either is tossed in a bag and never looked at again, or it is thrown in the trash immediately. Usually, the cashier will ask if you want a paper or digital receipt. Always opt for digital! This is a way to keep track of the receipt without wasting paper. If more and more people decline paper receipts, they may become a thing of the past. The ultimate goal is to eliminate paper where it isn’t needed. This is a great first step to saving energy and paper.

Thanks to technology, going paperless is easier now than it ever has been. Paper is almost more of a pain than digital transactions. Even things like direct deposit are saving the amount of paper and making lives easier all over the world. We can expect nearly every industry to move towards paperless transactions as society progresses.

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