5 Creative Ways to Use Italian Bread with Your Next Italian Meal

Are you planning to go out and enjoy an authentic Italian meal in an Italian restaurant?  Do you fancy having all the pasta, sauce, and classic meats? Have you taken a minute to think about the Italian bread? The truth of the matter is that no authentic Italian meal would be complete without Italian bread.  The bread is usually offered in a wide range of styles- from light and fluffy to crispy and crunchy.

Therefore, the big question is; do you have an idea of how you will enjoy your bread? The good news is that there are multiple ways you can enjoy your Italian bread with your dish. Here are the top five creative ways to use your Italian bread with your next Italian meal.

Use Your Bread for Getting All the Sauce

Nobody wants to waste the morsel when it comes to enjoying an authentic Italian meal. The experts that will serve you in an Italian restaurant already understand this fact, and that is why they will offer you bread. The bread is there to ensure that you sop up all the sauce goodness that might be left behind after enjoying your meal.

Make an Italian Pizza

Yes! You can still use your bread to make something more interesting-an Italian pizza. Wondering how that is even possible? Order focaccia or carasau and use it as your crust to make your pizza. You can be sure that everyone who will be at your table will be surprised at your creativity and love the dish that you created with your bread. So, why not try it out the next time you have Italian food catered, and you are left wondering what to do with your bread.

Make An Italian Sandwich

Did you know that there are several types of Italian bread that are good for making delicious sandwiches stacked full of authentic Italian salami, sausage, pepperoni and much more? One such Italian bread is the Piadina but you can also use the Muffuletta.  The other common type of authentic Italian bread that you can use to make sweet sandwiches is the ciabatta bread. Although most of these loaves of bread have varying tastes and densities, all of them can give you a classic Italian sandwich.

Serve Your Bread to Accompany Soup

It is no secret that soup will always accompany most of the authentic Italian meals. Therefore, your bread will make an excellent side item, and it is something that you shouldn’t miss to include in your serving. Some people prefer dipping the bread in the soup while others will eat it along with the hot pasta or broth that you served. Even if your guests don’t eat the bread provided by your Florida catering company, it is always a nice idea to offer it alongside soup.

Make a Sweet Treat

Lastly, you can also use your Italian bread to make a sweet treat that anyone will love. This is particularly true if you are served with freselle. Although it is technically not bread, freselle can be used to make a fantastic dessert or serve as an appetizer. Most people prefer topping the bread with some olive oil, tomatoes, basil, and even soaking it in water for a few minutes to make it softer before eating it.

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