5 Office Holiday Party Planning Tips

The holiday season is fast approaching, and soon, it will be that time of the year when you need to appreciate your team and show them that you really care. Planning an office party is one great way of bringing your team together and making them feel that you value their hard work. Planning an office party can seem like an uphill task especially if you haven’t done it before. However, things can be a little easier and fun if you know what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to organize everything. Remember the fact that if you do it right, it will also contribute to a more positive office vibe. Here are the top five office holiday planning tips.

Appoint or Be the Point Person

The first thing you need to do is to appoint an event planning point person to take charge of the party planning process. If you feel like you don’t want to appoint someone else, then you can be in charge. However, it is always good to delegate some tasks to other people within the office. On the day of the party, you should also ensure that you appoint someone who will welcome everyone to the party and talk about why there is a reason to celebrate. If you have planned for some games, later on, he/she will also inform the other people.

Take It Outside the Office

Although keeping your office party in-house might be a lot easier and budget-friendly, but it’s not fun to party where you work. Therefore, make sure that you look for a perfect venue where you will host the party. Hosting the party should be a great experience for you and your team. Taking it outside the office will allow you to have different conversations and get to know each other outside the work office. Some of the unique places where you can host your party include a restaurant, beach house, or rent an art gallery and ensure that there is enough food.

Arrange for Transportation

If you are hosting your office party away from the workplace, make sure that you arrange for transportation in advance. If you have organized everything properly and you expect the part to be hit, then there is no doubt that some people are going to let loose. To make sure every member of your team is safe, think about transportation ahead of time. You can get creative with your transportation and surprise your team by hiring a Montreal limousine service to offer transportation. This will not only amaze your employees, but it will also make them feel that their effort is recognized and appreciated.

Get Creative with Food

Great food is always a great way to wow your party guests. Even if you want to minimize your spending, food is an area that you don’t want to cut down on, especially if alcohol will be served. Ensure that your team is served with enough food, and not just food but delicious food. Even if the party is predominantly veggie, make sure that you offer some tasty alternatives that will wow everyone.

Don’t Forget to Show Your Team Appreciation

Your party shouldn’t end without offering your team surprise gifts. One critical thing to always remember is that rewarding your team is an incredible gesture to let them know that you value them. Even though you might have developed a habit of surprising your employees throughout the year, don’t forget to surprise them with gifts on the day of your office party. Give out some small gifts such as mini goodie bags, gift cards and even cash tokens tagged along with some personalized word of appreciation. This gesture shows that you care about the workers and you love their work.

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