5 Reasons Why Plastic Runner Rugs are Good For Kids

When you have kids in the house, it’s all about protecting your precious flooring from the dents, stains, and other abuse it is bound to receive. One great solution to solve this problem is a plastic runner rug. Plastic Runner Rugs offer the following when it comes to helping control the mess the kids make and help to keep your house clean and tidy:

  1. Easy Clean-Up

Plastic runner rugs make for easy cleanup. When the kids spill their juice or make a mess on the carpet, the plastic makes clean-up easy as 1-2-3 compared to carpets which will soak up the mess and leave stains that take a lot more work to come out. Some stains may never come out completely no matter how hard you scrub.

  1. Protect Your Flooring

These plastic runner rugs will help protect your flooring from further damage whether kids are VROOMING their toy cars across your floor or doing other activities that may cause scratches, dents, and other damage to your floors. A plastic runner can help take the brunt of the damage to leave your floors underneath undamaged for you to enjoy for years to come, even after the kiddos grow up and become less destructive to your favorite flooring surfaces.

  1. Great for Pet-Proofing Your Home

Putting a plastic runner down while you are housebreaking a new puppy or training a pet can help keep the floors underneath from getting stained or ruined. This is especially helpful for things like pet urine which cannot only stain carpets and area rugs but can also leave behind an odor that lingers for days or even weeks. Keep that ammonia smell out of your home with a plastic surface that is easy to wipe up and disinfect.

  1. Easier to Disinfect

Plastic runners will give you a flat surface to disinfect rather than requiring you to worry about getting every fiber of your carpet clean and disinfected. A flat surface simply requires you to spray the disinfectant and wipe up the mess. Move on. No more fuss needed.

  1. Protect Your Home During Events

If you have an event where you know a lot of people are going to be coming into your home or many feet will be traveling through the area, with that is bound to come dirt and grime. Putting down a plastic runner can make wiping up afterward with a mop or Swiffer Wet Jet quick and easy while sparing your floors beneath the beating all those feet would otherwise instill on it.

These are just a few ways that these plastic runners can help make your family’s life easier. They keep messes from soaking into your floor beneath for the long run.

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