5 simple ways to improve cybersecurity

In today’s modern world of advancing technologies, the increase in web-privacy threats has also been observed. On one hand, attempts are being made to preserve the privacy of users during online activities, the hacking and tracking methods are also getting stronger day after day on the other hand. No matter how much precautions you take to secure your privacy, there is hardly much you can do to completely secure it by using cliché methods. In order to tackle some basic privacy threats, almost anyone can take some simple steps which can help improve their online web-privacy.

What are the major threats to your online web-privacy?

Your privacy is subjected to a number of privacy threats if you carelessly browse the internet. Some of these threats include:

  • The cookies used by websites can be employed as a way of obtaining your browsing data. This is a targeted way of identifying your presence on the same website again if you revisit it and if it uses cookies. This data can be used in a number of ways to evaluate some very personal things about you.
  • In addition to using cookies, websites can also use browser fingerprinting to track you online if your browser fingerprint is unique.
  • Logging into your account by using a public device can result in exposing private info in the public device.
  • Using public Wi-Fi without HTTPS or a VPN makes you vulnerable to Man-In-the-middle-attacks.

What are some simple ways to improve cybersecurity?

Following methods can easily be adopted by an average internet user to improve his online web-privacy to a good extent

  • Use Incognito Mode

Incognito is one of the solid privacy-protecting features offered by most of the modern browsers. This feature can be accessed by using the Incognito Window features in many browsers. By seamlessly erasing all your web-history and blocking website cookies, this method can help you in protecting your privacy as well as securing your web-browsing. Since this method can be used by any internet user with a modern browser, Incognito window is one of the solid solutions to improve your web-privacy.

  • Limit Browser Fingerprinting

Brower fingerprinting is done by tracking of the extensions installed in your browser.

  • Use popular web browsers such as Tor Browser which does not use any extensions or default fonts.
  • Incognito window and VPN services can also be used to limit web fingerprinting.
  • Block Cookies

Cookies are one of the most common and major privacy threats faced by all kinds of internet users operating from a usual web-browser.

  • You can block cookies by going into your browser settings.
  • Cookies can also be blocked on-the-spot of the website informs you of their presence.
  • Services offered by some web-privacy improvers such as Privacy Badger can be used to detect, analyze and block cookies as per your preference.
  • Use VPN Services

VPN services are the most effective solution to foolproof your online privacy against any intrusion and security breach. Free and paid VPN services can be availed by the various VPN service provider to improve web-privacy. A lot of everyday users are unaware of the necessity or the convenience of a VPN. A VPN encrypts your online traffic so third-parties cannot intercept or examine what you’re doing online. This simple software protects you from Man-In-The-Middle attacks when using public Wi-Fis. If you would like to try a VPN, instead of looking up free options, go for a free trial offered by reputable companies, such as ExpressVPN. Opt out anytime in the first month with ExpressVPN 30-day free trial, no questions asked. Once you’re sure you’d like to get it for the long run, subscribe to their service with an exclusive ExpressVPN discount coupon to get up to 49% off their regular annual deal.

  • Avoid Using Public Devices

The major drawback associated with the usage of public devices is that all the information which is once fed into the browser is stored and the rest of the users can access it. Moreover, if you forget to logout from your session properly, other users can make illegal use of your social accounts. In order to avoid these situations, prefer using your own device. In desperate times, Incognito mode can be used to prevent public users from accessing your personal information.

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