5 Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth

We all love that summer vacation since it offers us a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the people we love in our lives. The warm weather, the endless road trips, and the marvelous cookouts are all great. However, there is also the other negative side of this season that you need to be wary of. With the intense heat and the beautiful weather, you may find yourself drinking more alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks.

If you don’t exercise caution and take care of your teeth, the summer season can easily take its toll in the form of injury and inflammation of your gums, increased plaque, and dental caries.  Always remember to stay hydrated and healthy throughout the summer to avoid dental problems. Here are the top five summer tips for healthy teeth.

Avoid Sugary Drinks and Snacks

As the temperatures begin to rise, it is common for families to sip and snack more frequently during sports events, family outings, festivals, or community events.  Make sure that you limit your intake of carbonated soda, juice, and lemonade during such events if you want to maintain your healthy teeth. It is recommended that you take a lot of water or milk to beat the intense heat instead of drinking a lot of sugary beverages.

Taking a break from snacking is always healthy for your teeth since it allows quality time for the saliva to bathe the teeth and wash away any food leftovers. If you find yourself spending a lot of time at home, be smart while snacking and you should only offer your children a snack when they tell you that they are hungry.

Establish and Adhere to an Oral Care Routine

Summer isn’t like the other days of the year when everyone wakes up knowing that they have to adhere to their solid morning routine that includes oral hygiene. During the summer, you may start sleeping with fewer obligations knowing that it’s that time of the year you need to enjoy your holidays.

Your morning routine will start to fall apart, and soon you may forget about your oral hygiene. Before you know it, you will no longer be brushing your teeth or flossing. Make sure that you establish a new morning routine for the whole family and make sure that your routine involves brushing and flossing. No matter the time that you wake up, make oral hygiene mandatory.

Schedule Your Dental Checkups Early

We all appreciate the fact that summer can get busy but that shouldn’t interfere with your routine visit to a dental clinic Laval for a dental checkup. Always call your dentist early enough to schedule your summer dental checkup before the season gets busy. You should also plan out your summer activities carefully so that your planned dentist appointments don’t fall on your vacation day. Keep in mind that you need to go for regular checkups so that the dentist can help you determine whether your home oral hygiene is adequate.

Pack Healthy Snacks While Traveling

It is no secret that many families in Canada go on vacation during summer which can sometimes make it difficult to gain access to healthy foods. Fortunately, there are lots of healthy and nutritious snacks that are portable and also require minimal preparation. You can pack sliced apples, trail mix, carrots, or cheese for your next trip. You should also freeze several bottles of water to ensure that you have plenty of cold drinks during your trip.

Drink Enough Water

Staying hydrated during summer isn’t good for your teeth only but also for your general health. Dentists recommend drinking a lot of water during the summer to keep your mouth hydrated.  The water helps in eliminating any bacteria that can cause bacterial plaque and it will also improve your breath. You should also switch to drinking a lot of tea since it contains valuable compounds that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

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