7 Backlink Tactics to Consider for Improving Your App Visibility

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you plan to develop a mobile app? Regardless of what you say, it is evident that all the mobile app developers yearn for higher app downloads and better ROI. All the mobility experts strive to bring a uniquely innovative app idea and take the market by storm. However, not all succeed in bringing their app to the limelight in the app market.

And the prime reason behind is poor app visibility. With millions of apps residing in the app market and many more heading towards the app store, it is quite challenging for the mobile app development companies to gain the attention of a wider audience and keep them hooked.

Does that sound distressing? Relax. In this article, I will share the best-effective hacks to gain more backlinks to your app page and improve its visibility. But, prior to that, let’s look into what Backlink is and why mobile app developers need to consider this SEO technique.

Backlinks: What are They and Why to Consider Them?

A Backlink, in layman language, is a link that you receive on your app product page from some other website. It acts as a ‘vote of confidence’ that a website offers to your app page, and adds value to your app product page.

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Wondering how getting a backlink makes a difference in your app reputation? Well, if a website gives backlink to a particular web page or app product page, the search engine consider that web page/app product page more valuable. It leaves a hint for the search engine that the content shared on your app product page is worth linking to, and thus, prompt SERP to improve your app’s ranking or search visibility. In other words, backlinks help a mobile app development company in the following ways:

  • It assists in improving organic search ranking.
  • It fosters Google to index your app page swiftly.
  • It helps to gain significant referral traffic.

In short, the higher the number of quality backlinks you add to your app product page, the better ranking it gets in the mobile app store.

Now, as you know the importance of Backlinks, it’s time to disclose what all kind of backlinks you can make. As already shared in an article published on MonitorBacklinks, the different types of Backlinks you can make comes under the textual and visual form, and are found:

  • within an article,
  • in the banner image,
  • at the header/footer of a website,
  • in blogroll,
  • within a whitepaper, and
  • in the comment section.

With this, I hope you are quite familiar with the concept of Backlinks. So, let’s dive into the different proven backlink tactics you can introduce to your app marketing strategy. And thus, boost your app visibility in the app store searches.

Proven Hacks to Gain More Backlinks on Your App Product Page

  1. Link Your App to Your Website

Needless to say, you should design a landing page for your mobile app. Or at least, add a button or link to your app page on your website. This is an easy and effective way to give more app visibility, since the higher authority your website receives, the more authority your linked app will get.

Now as you know the importance of having a mobile app landing page, look forward to building a perfect landing page for your mobile app.

  1. Sponsor an Event/Conference

The event and conference sites often have higher DA and organic traffic. So, by sponsoring an event or participating in one, you can easily get a link from the event website on your app listing on Play Store. And therefore, enhance your app searches.

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  1. Submit Infographics

Infographics too can contribute to gaining more backlinks and bringing higher app visibility. But, for that, it is required that you approach the top infographic submission sites. Besides, you need to look forward to using the latest statistical data by connecting it to the currently trending stories and the taste of the target audience is also necessary.

  1. Publish Guest Posts

The next innovative backlink trick to build a better app positioning in the app store search is to publish guest posts. Link with the editors and bloggers of websites and blogs having a higher domain and organic traffic. Write an article about your experience in creating the mobile app, the interesting facts why you created the application and how will it change the lives of others, etc. and request these editors/bloggers to publish them on their platforms.

But again, bear in mind to post your guest articles on appropriate sites only. This will bring positive traffic and value to your app product page. While, on the flip side, posting on the irrelevant portal will degrade your app position in the app store page.

  1. Register on Startup Directories

Listing your mobile app startup on a reputed angel investor platforms is also a great idea to get high-quality backlinks to your mobile app. These portals have higher authority which improves your app page’s image in the market. Besides, such platforms compel their audience to click on your app page link, implying higher chances of user acquisition.

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  1. Consider Social Media

By building genuine profiles on popular social media platforms (like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) and linking your app store page to these profiles, you can gain a ‘nofollow’ backlink to your app page. Besides, you can search the popular editors, bloggers and other such people on the social networking sites and approach them to write/publish about your mobile app on their platforms and provide you with an authentic backlink.

Assuming that you are a novice to social media backlink generation, here’s a guide to make social media backlinks to improve your app ranking.

  1. Write Testimonials

Another interesting tactic to get backlinks is to write feedbacks for the web resources you use. Invest your time in finding such highly relevant, authoritative websites and write testimonials about the product/services they offer. This will prompt them to give a backlink to you in return for a testimonial.

BONUS: Do Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis is the secret sauce to getting success in the app market. By investing your valuable time into analysing what your competitive apps are doing, you can come up with a list of strategies and resources you need to head towards for building better backlinks.

When talking about competitive analysis, there are several ways to keep an eye on their activities. But, the two best techniques that I recommend is creating an alert for your competitors’ app product page, and following them on social media. These two methods will deliver you the latest of their work in your email/social media timeline. Thus, cut down your efforts to land on their respective landing page/social profiles and analyze daily.

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While I have mentioned only 7 (and one bonus treat) ways to build backlinks to your app product page and improve your app ranking, there are endless ways available in the market. However, the mobile app developers need to be smart, attentive, and creative. There are various ways which have been abandoned by Google a few years back. Keep a check that you do not invest your time, energy and fund in those backlink practices.

Also, don’t forget to try these backlink tactics to improve your app ranking and share your experience in the comment section below.

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