A brief introduction to the Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme is crucial for disabled people to get a new car with the help of the national government, allowing them to commute from a region to another without troubles.

Although this scheme is not designated for all the disabled people, the requirements to receive the financial assistance to get a new car is quite loose.

Personal Independence Payment

This is a scheme which does not take into account of the income or savings of the applicants as part of the eligibility criteria. It covers the extra expenditures of a long-term disability or other health problems.

Any applicant who ages between 16 and 64 is qualified to request financial assistance due to health burdens for commuting. Since Sandown is part of the Motability Scheme, it is recommended to choose one of the Mercedes motability cars without much hindrance.

In this scheme, daily living and mobility are the two main categories of assistance. The beneficiary can be paid at either a standard or special rate. He may lease a car if he is entitled to receive money from the enhanced rate mobility part. The British Department for Work and Pension decides the amount and assistance.

Disability Living Allowance

As one of the two non-means tested benefit schemes, this allowance also does not take into account the applicants’ incomes. It is another special allowance similar to the Personal Independence Payment.

This living allowance scheme is mainly for youngsters, as opposed to the Personal Independence Payment scheme which is available to different age groups.

Any applicant who is under the age of 16 with limited accessibilities and special needs in daily life is eligible to apply the scheme.

Like the above scheme, the British Department for Work and Pension is responsible for the disbursement of this allowance for the specific group of beneficiaries as explained above.

In the Disability Living Allowance, the categories of payment are slightly different from the Personal Independence Payment scheme. In particular, the “care component” and the “mobility component” comprise the allowance for the eligible applicants.

What makes two allowances different?

The Disability Living Allowance is an outdated scheme because it does not cater tp the needs of the older age groups. As mentioned above, this scheme is only available for teenagers who have special needs for mobility and everyday life.

Apparently, the Personal Independence Payment will soon replace the Disability Living Allowance since it covers a wider range of disabled people who need help. This arrangement is a result of the new welfare reform programme proposed by the British government.

The latest programme is firstly adopted in Great Britain in 2013, followed by Northern Ireland in 2016. It is highlighted that beneficiaries of the Disability Living Allowance in Northern Ireland have to apply the new programme due to the reform.

To sum up, the Motability Scheme is a good initiative to incentivize the disabled population to commute within the country just like anyone else. This shows the importance of the social responsibility of car dealership companies which offer motability cars for the people who have special needs for driving.  

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