A Guide to Buying Pallets of Returned Merchandise From Walmart

You could have many reasons to consider buying pallets of returned merchandise from Walmart. Perhaps you’re looking to restock your online storefront. Maybe you want to try reselling for the first time. Or you might need an inventory refresh without breaking the bank. Whatever your reasoning, one great way to acquire merchandise from a trusted retailer at a price that won’t leave your wallet hurting is by snagging pallets of returned or refurbished merchandise.

Finding a Liquidation Company

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a few Walmart pallets, your first step is to find a reputable liquidation company. Liquidation goods are most commonly clearance items and surplus stock that a business needs to unload when it’s closing down. However, customer returns and refurbished items also count as liquidation in many cases. Depending on the business pushing its product, they’ll hire a middle man, or liquidation company, to help them move their stock.

Doing your research when selecting a liquidation company is important. A promising sign of a trustworthy liquidation company is whether they offer a guarantee on the quality of the resale goods. Especially when it comes to returned merchandise, verifying the quality is key. Purchasing a pallet that was listed in good condition only to find it’s beyond repair is all too common with shadier liquidation companies. If at all possible, find an authorized reseller that works directly with your preferred business. Walmart has a network of trusted liquidation companies that they use to offload their returned merchandise.

Attending the Auctions

Another popular method for acquiring cheap pallets of Walmart returns is by visiting a couple of online auction houses. This is a riskier method than going through a liquidation company because bidding wars often spike the prices on the more desirable lots. But occasionally you can find a few steals. While Walmart operates their own online auction, it is usually populated with standard liquidation stock as opposed to used merchandise that offers the greatest profit margins. Many online auction houses also forgo any sort of guarantee or return window for the merchandise which makes finding higher quality returns a little more difficult.

If you think you want to try your hand at a liquidation auction, it’s best to come prepared. Know what sort of stock you’re looking to purchase, make sure you’re in the free shipping radius (if applicable), and be ready to strike quickly. Some deals come and go in the blink of an eye, so don’t get caught unaware.

Why Returned Merchandise?

Returns are a great way to make a profit as a reseller. Pallets of returned items are typically listed much cheaper than other pallets because, regardless of their condition, the seller can no longer mark them as “new.” So whether a customer tried on a dress even one time or never removed their new electronics from the packaging, the stock has to be marked as used. This means that even unopened items in brand new condition can be snatched up at a fraction of the cost when you buy them as liquidation stock. Because many storefronts don’t have the real estate to sell off their used inventory, it typically winds up on the resale market.

Ready to Resell?

Buying pallets of returned merchandise from Walmart is a quick and clever way to turn a profit. You’re buying goods from one of the world’s most popular retailers at a fraction of the in-store prices and pushing them into your storefront at a markup from your purchase price. Whether you’re using a liquidation company or an online auction, be sure to verify their trustworthiness before making any big purchase. Beyond that, it’s ready, set, resell.

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