Best Possible Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

Although FUE hair transplant is result oriented and minimal invasive procedure for restoring hair still some people seek for other ways to handle their hair loss due to their personal opinions and choices. There are some natural ways also that can stop your hair fall up to great extent depending upon the reason for your hair loss. As the hair loss can be due to various reasons like poor diet, illness, and genetic reasons or even due to stress so also its remedies differ depending on the reasons.

In case of complete baldness or severe hair loss condition hair transplant in India can be the only solution for restoration of hair but in case of mild hair loss following natural treatments can also help out the person.


Massaging you hair with the essential oils like fenugreek, Lavender, ginger, rosemary, sage, cypress, olive oil and even coconut can work magically as the oil massage can fortify and strengthen your hair roots and can lead to growth of new hair.

Herbal treatment

Herbs and botanicals can also help you to get back your hair as these are also counted to be safe and effective for hair loss.  Application of rosemary tea, oats , Echinacea and horsetail can help you to deal with hair fall.

Ayurvedic treatments

As Ayurveda is the traditional and natural healing system so also work effectively for hair loss.  Remedies like aloevera juice, yogurt and many more can stop hair loss up to great extent.

Nutritious diet

Deficiency of nutrition in your body can have many adverse effects for your body and even for your hair. Growing hair needs good nutritious diet and healthy blood supply only then they can complete their natural hair cycle so boosting your diet can stop your sudden and untimely hair loss. For boosting hair growth you can add following nutrients in your diet

  • Iron deficiency is considered to be most common reason for hair loss so you must take diet which is enriched with iron like apples, milk, lentils, eggs etc.
  • Protein is the building block nutrient for hair so its deficiency can lead to damaged hair follicles, thinning and falling of hair up to great extent in both men and women. It is advisable to take protein enriched food for healthy growing hair.
  • Hair shafts build of 3% of Omega 3 fatty acids and it is the nutrient that our body cannot build itself so it is essential to take it from your diet for healthy hair. it can be taken from pumpkin seeds, salmon, herring, walnuts etc.
  • Other than above nutrients Zinc and vitamins are also essential for your strong and healthy hair so to stop hair loss it is essential to boost up your diet accordingly.

Stress out yourself

Extreme and continues stress, fatigue and restlessness can also be reason for hair fall for both the genders so it is important to indulge yourself in rejuvenation and recreational activities so that you can combat your stress and can control your hair loss due to this reason

Styling and hair care

Sometime excessive use of hair care products like straighter, dryer can also be harmful for your hair and even your tight hair style and braid can damage your hair so it is important to style your hair in loose way so that your hair could breathe and can remain safe from damage.

It is true that above natural treatments can work great for hair loss but if you are not satisfied from the results of above treatments then you can take advice from experts and go for surgical treatment as hair transplant cost in India is quite reasonable so can be fit to your pocket.

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