Burning Man 2018: Prep Tips

One of the top road trips in the US is attending the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert each year. As this festival has grown from a small fringe gathering to a massive international destination it has been attracting many thousands of campers who roll up and party for the entire duration of the fest. This is a festival where anything goes, and this includes hundreds of travelers in their RV rentals descending upon the festival site each year. If you’re planning on attending this year then you should make sure to follow some basic prep tips in order to make sure that you’re fully prepared and can enjoy yourself to the max at this legendary fest.

Stock Up On Food

Although this is a massive festival attended by many thousands of people, it is possible to run low on food. Purchasing food on site is known to be expensive, so if you run out you may find yourself having to cut into your budget significantly. Don’t forget that you will be in the middle of the desert and that this makes food and water a top priority. For this purpose you should make sure to have enough food in your vehicle to last out the entire festival. Also be sure to bring cooking equipment such as a grill, plus have proper refrigeration since food can go bad quickly in the desert heat. Take the advice of many travelers before you who have attended Burning Man and have enough food for the festival.

Keep Your Equipment Safe

While known as a peaceful and considerate festival overall and featuring heightened security in recent years, keep in mind that with the thousands of people around you that precautions will be needed to keep your equipment safe. Theft and vandalism have been problems in the past at Burning Man, so it is always best to make sure your stuff is protected at all times. This means keeping your vehicle locked when not occupied, making sure you know everyone who is coming in and out of your vehicle, and keeping your equipment safe inside. Don’t let the peaceful atmosphere fool you into leaving valuable items unwatched. As long as you put all of your items back in the vehicle when done with them and check to make sure your vehicle has decent locks you shouldn’t have much to worry about during your stay at Burning Man.

Reserve Your Space

Burning Man has come a long way since the days when visitors could park their RV rentals wherever they pleased. These days there is a reserved piece of space for campers, plus many different levels and camp types with varying payment rates. Before setting off for the festival you will definitely want to secure your space on the festival grounds. Just do your research online and get your space situated before you go. This way you can roll out for good times and adventure with the peace of mind in knowing that you have a spot at the festival where you can camp out and be comfortable. This will be your base of operations for the duration of the Fest, so make sure to choose wisely so you can have maximum enjoyment of the Burning Man experience.

Perform Test Setups

This one is important. Nothing will hamper your experience at the festival like equipment malfunctions and botched setups. You want to get into the festival, get to your spot, get set up, and head out to enjoy the festivities. The last thing you want is to be wrestling with trying to set up camp, experiencing issues with the setup, and finding out that you are missing equipment of have broken parts. In order to avoid this, perform a couple of test setups before you hit the road for the festival. This way you will be trained at setting up your RV to camp and can pull off the setup in no time. After all, your RV will be your home for the duration of the festival and also your party base. You want it to be as comfortable as possible, and knowing how to execute the perfect setup will go a long way toward making your base as comfortable as possible.

Burning Man is legendary for a reason. This festival is freaky and fun and remains true to the original bohemian spirit in which it was founded. It is definitely something that every adventurous traveler should experience at some point in their journeys. Join the hundreds of thousands before you who have brought their RV rentals into the heart of Burning Man and had a great time in the process. Just make sure to follow these basic prep tips and you will be sure to have a comfortable and extremely fun time in the desert.

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