Bursting the Myths of Pre-Owned Cars

Although there has been a tremendous change in people’s perception of a used car, there are still a few who refrain from investing their time and efforts in one. And if you tell them they can get online used Mahindra XUV500 in Bangalore with good mileage they would find it hard to believe. This is primarily because their perception is shaped by some myths and misconceptions. Let’s see how they weigh against the facts.

Myth 1: Used Cars Are Always in Bad Condition

In India, the average ownership span of cars is reducing. This means a car is available in second hand sale faster than before. This means you can easily buy a car that has been used for say 3 to 5 years. This way you can get a car that is in pretty good condition.

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Myth 2: Cars are Sold in Second Hand Because They Have Some Faults

There are a lot of people who nowadays pick up onsite opportunities with overseas clients. Generally, these tenures are for like 3 years with a possible extension. Such people prefer to sell their cars before moving. They don’t sell the car because it has problems. They sell because they won’t be around to use it.

Myth 3: Second Hand Cars Don’t Perform in Mileage

You as a buyer can always get the mileage of a car tested and verified from your own source before you decide to buy it. This way you can get to pick the car with best mileage.

Myth 4: Online Sources Can Never Be Trusted

In fact, the surge of online sources has introduced healthy price competition in the market of used cars. A buyer can easily find out the correct valuation of a car and the price of similar cars quoted by other sellers.


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