Can You go For a Lawyer if Injury Happens to Your Child While Birth?

A child is a gift from God. Its birth is one of the sweetest and most memorable moments of the parents’ life. But that may become a disaster due to small negligence or mistake by the healthcare professionals, the doctor, or the nurses before, at, or after the time of delivery. So, in the event of such an incident, we need an attorney to look after our interest against the concerned healthcare person under the course of the law.

Most birth traumas and birth injuries are preventable. Disfigurement or physical and mental damage to your precious baby could have been prevented if the physician,doctor, or the concerned healthcare professionals could have taken the appropriate step at the right moment. Everybody wants their baby to be born healthy and to live a normal life, but due to the mistakes made by the so-called expert healthcare professionals, the parents, as well as the babies, suffer for the rest of their life. The negligence and mistakes of this person, whom we trust with the life of our precious unborn child, cannot be forgiven.

Don’t Sit Like Nothing Happened: Act

So, if you are a victim of such negligence, contact a competent birth injury lawyer. If you feel that the physician, doctor, or any related healthcare person was responsible for the injury or death of your kid during delivery, do not hesitate to take action against them. It is true that this grief will always be there with you and can never be forgotten, but at least there will be some emotional relief that the wrongdoeris punished, and who knows how many other people you will be saving from the same fate as yours by making your stand.

There are some common birth injuries or traumas, like:

  • Injuries are leading to Cerebral Palsy and Erb’s Palsy.
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries.
  • Oxygen Deprivation Leading to Brain Injuries.
  • Shoulder Dystocia.
  • HIV injections during a blood

These are a few to name here.

How Will Lawyer Help You?

Therefore, the lawyer would be able to inquire the facts that if the birth abnormality was due to the negligence of the health care. The negligence of the health care also might be of different types, like:

  • If, the treatment given at the time of delivery is not up to the mark.
  • Whether the blood transfusion was wrong.
  • Whether the delivery process was of high risk.
  • Whether the concerned medical person was not taking care.
  • Whether at the time of delivery there were mistakes done.

And much other similar information that the lawyer would find out if there are any.


The reason is not the matter here; the matter is whether proper care at the proper time was taken or not at the time of the delivery and whether the standard of the treatment was as promised.

If there was any mistake from the person concerned with the delivery or any negligence after the delivery, Robert E. Cartwright, lawyer, will help you drag them to the court to get compensation for you and/or punishment for him/her/them.

We know how it is when a child born is mentally or physically disabled or sustains injuries which would need huge medical attention later on. Also, we know the emotional and financial stress we go through at that time. Get in touch with a competent birth injury lawyer as soon as possible, as to at least get a little relief. Your child deserveslife or a better life. A healthy child is everyone’s dream.

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