Coachella in 800 Words: Things to Know

If you ever thought about going to a festival in your RV rental, you know what to do. Plan your trip to Coachella. Coachella is one of the most famous festivals in the U.S., with Burning Man being the only other festival to eclipse it, in many people’s opinions.

Whether you’re traveling in an RV rental to the festival or flying in and catching a ride, there are some things to know ahead of time to be prepared for an amazing time at this amazing California experience.

The following are just a few tips and ticks for the festival, so you can go back home raving about the good time you had and avoid the drama:

  • Make sure to bring water and drink up all day long. The sun, the partying, the substances, and all the fun to be had will make you very thirsty. To avoid getting dehydrated, which could leave to serious problems, drink as much water as possible.
  • Dress comfortably. You’re going to want to dress comfortably if you want to get the most out of your time. Because you’ll probably be on your feet most of the day, you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes for sure and clothes that you’ll be comfy in throughout the day.
  • Put your name and number on your phone. Whether you take a picture of your information or put a sticker on your phone cover, having your information on your phone will help you to get it back, should you lose it. The good news is that most people at Coachella are good people (or just in a really good mood) and will return it to lost and found.
  • If you’re all about getting souvenirs from the fun places that you go to, make sure to buy your merchandise on the first day. There’s no telling if there will still be the items you want by the end of the festival.
  • Be prepared for poor phone signal. If you must know where your friends are or want to make plans together during the festival, make sure to do just that: make plans.
  • Alcohol is a bit pricey at the festival so unless you’ve been saving up, keep this in mind when daring to drink in the day. Also sunny days and too much alcohol are a combination for feeling terrible by the end of the festival.
  • Keep it real and keep it cool. People go to Coachella to have fun and you sharing your bad feelings around the festival isn’t a good idea. You’re there to have fun so if something is rubbing you the wrong way, try to save it for later.
  • A lot of people bring earplugs. This may sound contrary to what you think you should do at a music festival, but it’s actually a good idea if you’re going to be close to the stage. You don’t want to go deaf early on in your life, do you? Keep your ears protected, as the music gets really, really loud.
  • Pack a “toilet kit.” Just imagine needing to use the porta-potty, along with the rest of the festival goers. That won’t be fun. But, you can make it a bit more manageable by bringing your own hand sanitizer, tissues, and while you’re at, why not a nose plug?
  • Consider bringing a portable phone charger. You won’t find any charging stations on the festival grounds, so if your phone is a must to have throughout the day, keep your phone charger charged before you leave to the festival and make sure to only charge your phone as needed.
  • Drugs aren’t allowed at Coachella and there are plenty of undercover cops just waiting to catch people in the act. You know what to do.
  • If you’re staying in a hotel or RV park, make sure to set out early for the festival. There is often a lot of traffic later on, so you’ll want to do your best to avoid this. No one wants to sit in traffic for forever only to arrive to the festival bothered and annoyed with a sore butt from too much time sitting.

In Conclusion

Coachella is a fantastic option for those who are looking for some fun in the sun, great music, and a whole lot of new people to meet. If you’re up for the occasion, start planning a road trip to California to be able to enjoy one of the country’s best festivals.

From the music to the people you’ll meet, there are many reasons to rent that RV rental and start driving towards the time of your life. Yes, it will cost you money, it will cost you time, and a whole lot of energy, but you can be sure that the experience will be worth it.

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