Common Symptoms of Heartworm in Dogs

We all know that dog is the common pet animal and it protects us as well as our home from outsiders. Dogs are the proved security guard who does its duty with honesty. So, it is our responsibility to keep interest in them and take proper care of its health.

There are many diseases that affect your pet and some are very dangerous for them.  Heartworm is an example of such type of disease. It is a disease that silently affects dogs and cats. It impacts on the heart, lungs and another organ of the body. If it is not treated on time it will affect the entire body of your pet and that may ultimately lead to its death. Heartgard is the effective medication for heartworms.

So, it’s your responsibility to take the proper eye on your pet and protect them from such harmful worms. Here, in this article, we discussed common symptoms of heartworm in your dog.

Loss of Weight: This is the most common symptoms and you can easily predict it. If your dog’s weight is continuously decreasing and it is difficult for it to do minor physical activities such as eating. Be careful your dog may be infected by heartworms.

Face Problem in Breathing: It is obviously clear that the worm effect on the lugs and heart of your pet. So, it is quite sure that your pet facing breathing problem. As heartworm affect the functions of blood vessels present in the lungs of the dog and then it is difficult for the lungs to oxygenate the blood.

Your Pet Become Lazy: We know that dog is an active animal. But, if it is infested by some pest it will become lethargic and tired very soon. It does not do its routine activities such as it does not want to go outside, avoid all its physical activities etc. As heartworm make them weak so it is difficult for them to do any type of physical work.

Coughing: This is the most common symptoms that show that your pet is infected with heartworm. As worm affect on lungs and then effect veins that surrounded the lungs. You can easily notice with the help of physical exercise of your pet. Even a light exercise makes them unconscious.

Vomiting: This is also the common symptoms through which you can easily identify worms. Your pet will vomit in the frequent interval of time if it is infected with heartworm.

Skin Irritation: Skin irritation and itching on the body of dogs is the basic symptom that concludes that your pet is infected by some type of pest. So, keep eye on its activities and protect them from infectious diseases.

All the above symptoms discussed in the content above will defiantly help you in protecting your dog from such dangerous diseases. So, if you want a loving and healthy dog, you have to keep in touch with your pet and always consult your veterinary doctors if you see any changes in its behaviour.

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