Cremation: A Loving, Customized Tribute

How popular has this type of service proved to be of late? Cremation Association of North America records says that, “In the 1960s, less than 5 percent of deaths resulted in cremations.” By 2030, the projected cremation statistic is likely to reach 71-percent. 


Look for a premier provider of cremation services edina mn, they often encounter family members who are hesitant about cremation because they’re fearful that this type of funeral arrangement doesn’t honor a family member properly. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, cremation surpasses burial today. 

There’s a long history associated with cremation that goes back to the Roman Empire where rituals associated with pagan practices gave individuals dramatic entries into the afterlife. Today’s cremation trend is driven in part by non-religious people who still want a memorable goodbye staged to honor the life of their loved one. 

7 Reasons cremation has become so popular 

  1. A family can make their cremation ceremony as big or as small as they wish. 
    2. We customize occasions per the wishes of the departed or family members left behind. 
    3. You can find a plan that suits your budget that doesn’t include an expensive casket. 
    4. Friends and relatives get just as much opportunity to honor the person they love. 
    5. Cremation conserves natural resources that include land and coffin materials. 
    6. You can still have the traditional service or memorial service you wish. 
    7. You may even plan a graveside to give loved ones a sense of closure. 

    Why you should consider cremation

-You can personalize everything about the service itself. 
-Have a loved one’s remains made into beautiful pendants for loved ones. 
-More people than ever are asking to be cremated when they prepare their wills. 
-Place an urn into a mausoleum so there’s a place to visit that’s sacred to you. 
-Tissue donation is still possible before the body is cremated. 
-Even the Catholic church has reversed its position on cremation. 
-Incorporate any religious service you like to pay tribute to the dearly departed. 
-Cremated remains are the least expensive way to transport a body. 
-You don’t have to go into debt to stage a lovely goodbye for a family member. 
-Cremation is a year-round option; you don’t have to put arrangements off during Minnesota winters. 

Because you choose cremation, that doesn’t mean you’ll receive anything less than compassionate assistance from the moment you call to seek help following a loved one’s death. Plenty of people with foresight pre-book their arrangements, knowing that this act of grace can save family more anguish than they already feel. As a matter of fact, pre-paying cremation services goes the extra mile. 

What’s the biggest advantage to cremation? It’s beautiful. Whether you opt to wear a necklace that contains ashes, purchase a lovely urn to hold them or you care about Mother Earth and the environment, find everything you seek in an easy, meaningful service that says everything about how much you care. 


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