Crowdfunding for Buying the Poor Clothes for Winter

It is normal for most of us who are reading this to think of winter as a welcome reprieve. So much so that even new international brands online and offline offer discounts for winter clothes to spread the cheer winter is now an occasion.

India is a land with varying climate conditions, so much so that while the cold regularly kills off people, especially the street dwellers, during the winter months, it is mildly warm in the southern and the coastal regions of the country. The hills are impossible, and the temperatures drop below zero across many parts of northern India.

Using the crowdfunding platforms in India for buying clothes for the underprivileged is actually less common than the fundraiser in India for such purposes had been. Crowdfunding is highly powerful, and it is mostly employed in providing medical care in India.

And because there is already a donation culture in place in many areas, the potential donors often skip such initiatives to look for more serious issues to spend their money on. And because of this reliance on the donor culture, they often miss out on the seriousness of the problem.

There is simply no national support for the poorest of the poor, except for the shelter schemer, which happens to be something completely unable to deal with the magnitude of the problem.

Between 2001 and 2014, 10,933 Indians have been recorded to have died due to ‘cold and exposure’, according to the Open Government Data (OGD) Platform of the Government of India. The states with the more number of homeless population were, of course, the worst affected. This does not even include those living in hovels and slums who die due to cold. The number of men to die has been higher than that of women, especially in urban areas. The number of the aged, are of course, very high.

Under such circumstances, crowdfunding in India can come in to ensure insulation in any way during the winter months for at least some of these people. Even those living in shelters develop many health problems due to the inadequate measures, and if crowdfunding helps at least one person deal with this by providing the organizers with the money for essentials like blankets and thermal clothing, that itself is a huge bonus and would help save a lot of lives. Individuals willing to start India crowdfunding for this should start small.

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