“Diamond vs Gold” How to make a dazzling impression

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Buying jewellery is a hazard and it takes a lot of time and effort to choose the right jewellery for the right occasion. One also has to keep in mind the budget and the amount of gold or diamond one can afford, a lot of comparing and thinking has to go into the decision of buying or investing in gold or diamond.  When you’re confused between diamond vs gold, there are certain points that you have to keep in mind. You should remember that society is bound by income constraints and it is not possible to buy both the jewellery, here is a guide on which of these to choose from.

Here is why gold will make a wonderful impression:

A gold chain or a pair of diamond bangles can transform your look from simple to very elegant. You can wear it as an everyday wear or when you are hosting a house party. you can also wear it while going out somewhere for a short time period.

If you’re going to a wedding or a grand occasion, choose a bigger gold jewellery piece rather than several small pieces, a bigger piece will enhance the overall look more, and put an edge to your outfit and make you ready for the wedding or the grand party.

Another extremely fascinating thing about gold jewellery is that it goes with everything. You can wear it with a saree or a gown and it goes with all kinds of complexions and is versatile. There need not be a set of guidelines to wear a pair of gold bangles in 10 grams. It is a wise choice.

The colour of gold has a metallic lustre, that can be teamed up to any kind of apparel of any colour. Gold has myriad health benefits and is a non-reactive metal when it comes in contact with skin. Gold does not cause any skin irritations and is rather good for the blood circulation of the body.

Diamond is a women’s best friend.

Diamonds without question, are one of the most elegant stones that exist in this world. It is very expensive but the elegance that it adds to your look is worth every price. Diamond jewellery always makes you look chic. It adds a simplicity and sophistication to your look the jewellery made with this sparkly stone goes with every kind of attire and suits everyone. There is no age for diamond jewellery. It is timeless and beautiful in every way.

Besides doing wonders to your look, diamonds also have a great resale value. The fall in the cost, while selling it back to your jeweller or getting it exchanged for some other kind of jewellery, is negligible. Therefore it’s a good investment.

Which one should you choose?

Both gold and diamond jewellery is a good investment. Gold jewellery makes an impression and goes with all kinds of apparel. However, a diamond jewellery gives a timeless look to your attire. When it comes to gold jewellery it is cheaper than the diamond. A diamond adds elegance to your look. The choice between both this jewellery is rather tough  and it depends  on your choice or taste in jewellery

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