Facing a Court Martial: Should You Hire a Civilian Attorney?

Are you facing a court martial? Just like any criminal case, it can be very stressful to any person serving in military.

Anyone serving in the military is subject to Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Any violation of these codes attracts a court martial proceeding.

If your commander prefers you to face a trial in this court, the allegations against you must be concrete. In some cases, the government may provide you with free military defense attorney. That’s similar to how public defenders are appointed in civilian courts.

So, if you’ve been assigned a free attorney, why then do you need a civilian Tacoma UCMJ Lawyer?

The answer is dependent on many factors. Every case will be different from the other. But in some cases, it may make the difference between your acquittal and conviction.

After all, if the state wants to take your livelihood or freedom away, the stakes are too high. That’s why you need the best legal defense you can get.

1. Two Vs One Attorney

If you hire a civilian lawyer, your free military defense lawyer can still stay on your case. You don’t need to choose the one to represent you and the one to drop.

With two attorneys on your case, you can be assured of superior legal representation. The two can help each other put up a very strong defense in court.

2. Time Constraints

The military defense attorney is perfectly competent to offer legal services. Perhaps your case is straightforward and your attorney is well versed in that area. But what if your case is quite complex?

Just like public defenders, military defense attorneys can have huge workloads. As such, they won’t have all the time to fully invest in your case.

Be sure to ask the attorney the number of cases that they’re handling.

3. Years of Experience

Before hiring any civilian attorney consider their prospective experience. Don’t get confused. You’re looking for the number of years they’ve been handling your exact type of case.

Also, the military defense attorney assigned to you may have strong credentials. But do they have rich experience in defending cases similar to yours? In legal representation, experience can determine whether you’ll be convicted or acquitted.

4. No Chain of Command

Most military attorneys have a chain of command to follow. Failure to toe the line can attract tough consequences.

However, civilian lawyers don’t have any chain of command. With this autonomy, they can call out high ranking military attorneys for misconduct.

Questions to Ask Civilian Attorneys before Hiring Them

Do you want to hire a civilian attorney to represent you in court martial proceedings? Ideally, you want the best and competent attorney you can trust and rely on.

That’s why you should prepare for an interview session. Have a list of questions to ask them and determine whether they’re competent to handle your case or not.

Be careful not to make a mistake. Hiring an incompetent attorney can be the reason you lose your case. Don’t let this happen.

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