Fast House Sales – Three Tips to Get Quick Cash

If you have time on your side then selling your house can be a relatively relaxed affair – It will happen when it happens… However, there are times when that beloved house of yours simply must go – and fast. The property boom saw many people borrowing without a care in the world, prices were rocketing and they simply could not go wrong – or so they thought: Cannot go wrong with bricks and mortar as the saying goes; Umpf… bah humbug. If you add something like a divorce into the mix then the whole sorry mess can really become heart breaking and beyond stressful. Whatever the reason you find yourself needing to sell your house quickly, here are some of the most popular ways to get that all important cash, in your pocket, fast.

1: Cash Buying Companies

If you have minimum loans and so equity in your house then approaching a company that offers a fast, cash sale is definitely a consideration. These companies do not use estate agents. They send out a valuer and make a cash offer based on that valuation. If you are in the middle of a divorce this can certainly remove one big worry. If you are facing repossession this can often be the preferable option, even if it’s not the top offer. With repossession time really is of the essence. Even if you are not getting the full value, if it is enough to stop you being blacklisted and avoiding all the costs usually incurred during this process, this will usually be the least stressful and fastest way to deal with it – It’s certainly a way out for some. If you have inherited a house and simply want to get to some cash fast, this is also something you should consider and at least get some quotes on.

2: Accurate Pricing – Knowledgable Agent

Do your research and find out what experience the agent has, as well as the fees they charge. Get several agents to come and value your home. Be wary of “that” estate agent who values it well above others, as well as those who demand sole agency – that’s a potential risk especially if they do not have a proven track record. You want to sell fast, so be realistic about the price. Maybe that agent can afford to sit on your property, but in reality this could cost you more money in the long run: Not to mention adding substantially to your stress levels! An experienced agent with a wide coverage and good negotiating skills will be able to give you a realistic price and get that property sold – Fast. Take a look at more sell your house fast options here

3: Preparing Your House for a Fast Sale

Get your home prepared. Remove all the clutter to make sure the agent’s photographs show it in the best possible light. Home staging has proven to work. Put that extra effort in, always be prepared for viewing and you will be surprised how quickly it sells, and that cash hits your account!

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