Fleet Washing Program

If your company has a fleet of vehicles, it is essential that they stay clean. Your company’s image and reputation is literally riding on what the vehicles look like. First impressions are everything, and your fleet vehicles are many people’s first encounter with your brand. Our fleet washing program is designed to make it simple for you to keep your company’s brand looking good and attracting new and return customers as a result.

We have the capacity to clean all types of vehicles. We clean buses, delivery trucks, mail carriers, and tractor trailers, in addition to cars and pick-up trucks. We can clean and maintain any type of fleet vehicle that your company needs to do its work. We can wash hundreds of vehicles every day.

Each time we clean a vehicle, our commitment to cleaning it well is evident. Our cleaning process will get rid of dirt, grease, road film, exhaust soot, bugs, and anything else life on the road can throw at them. We use hot water, brushes, and biodegradable detergents. We clean painted parts of the vehicles, rims, bumpers, exterior frames, tires, windows, mirrors, front grills and gas tanks and make sure that each vehicle has a spot-free shine when we are done.

Our commitment to providing excellent service goes beyond just helping our customers. We also are environmentally responsible. We can recover our wash water while we wash those hundreds of vehicles per day, making us one of the few companies similar to us that focuses on making sure our impact on the environment is as positive as possible. When you work with us, you know that you are working with an environmentally responsible and caring company.

It may seem like a waste of money to pay someone to clean your fleet. However, it’s actually a smart business move because it frees you and your employees to focus on bigger issues, such as how to increase revenue and make your clients happy.

Your fleet vehicles are traveling billboards that represent your organization, and you need them to look sharp at all times. Our fleet washing program is designed to do jobs fast but efficiently so that your vehicles are back out on the road as soon as possible. Putting money into cleaning them is a simple way to do some great advertising. Keeping a vehicle clean can also save you money in repairs as it helps prevent problems, such as might occur with dirty brakes.

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