Freedom Camping in NZ: Things to Know

Yes, you can freedom camp in your campervan hire New Zealand, but there are several things that you should be aware of before you do it. It’s not about getting in your campervan and simply parking in any spot that you see. You need to be sure to pay attention to the rules and laws of the land and the places that you visit.

Many people come to New Zealand without really knowing what they can and cannot do. This can mean that you get into trouble or disrespect the country that you’re visiting, so it’s important to pay attention to these things before you set out on your road trip.

If you just park your campervan hire New Zealand in any spot, you may find yourself with a huge fine for doing it illegally, so to avoid that happening, follow the following tips for freedom camping in New Zealand.

  • Pay attention to signs as you go. There will often be signs where you are not allowed to camp, so always look for them before you decide to pull over and spend the night in some random area. Many people don’t pay attention to very clear signs and end up with huge fines. Keep your eyes open.
  • Consider alternating between freedom camping and cheap RV parks. This way you can get the best of both worlds. You can save money when you freedom camp and enjoy amenities in the campgrounds. While many places have spots for freedom camping, you may find that some places that you want to visit, do not.
  • Research spots where you may freedom camp before you set out on your road trip. This way you can be sure to freedom camp where you are allowed to.
  • Don’t use the bush as a toilet. You can’t just go out and do your deeds just anywhere when you freedom camp. This is one reason why it’s suggested that if you are traveling in a non self-contained vehicle, to camp at places that have toilets.
  • No waste should be left in the bush. Whatsoever. Be a responsible camper and make sure to keep all of your waste contained. Whether it’s water from your camper, wrappers from your food, or your own bathroom habits, you don’t want it to be left behind in the environment.
  • After freedom camping, you may need to dump waste, so look up places where you can do so along the way. This is a big part of being responsible for the environment and for your trip.
  • Don’t camp on someone else’s property. This may seem to be a given, but you would be surprised just how many people actually think that it’s okay to pull on over into what may seem to be deserted property. If it’s not yours, don’t do it. In fact, you could get into a lot of trouble if you do so. Be respectful. Think about how you’d like it if someone parked on your property while you’re gone travelling New Zealand.
  • If your vehicle is not self-contained, you will need to stay at sites that have toilet areas, so you’re not just going in nature. Human waste isn’t good for the environment, so don’t leave it for wild animals to find.

How would you like visitors to treat your home country? You probably want to keep the beauty of your natural landscapes and scenery, no? You should do the same while visiting New Zealand. Because of people who aren’t careful, there has been some damage to some previously untouched places. It’s extremely important to be a respectful freedom camper.

It’s great to save money by freedom camping, but don’t save your money and cause harm to nature. Be a responsible camper and New Zealand will be happy to have you. As long as you follow the number one rule of not leaving any trace of human touch where you camp, then you should expect to have a fabulous time. It would be sad for New Zealand to have to enforce stricter rules for campers and travelers. It would also be a shame for some of it’s beautiful nature to be damaged by irresponsible visitors and travelers. If you love the beauty there is to be found here, it’s certain that other people will love it too. Make sure to leave things the way that you find them as you travel.

However you decide to spend the night while travelling in a campervan hire New Zealand, you can rest assured that it will be an experience that you won’t soon forget. New Zealand is a country full of beautiful landscape and scenery, as well as wildlife. Help New Zealand to maintain its charm by doing your part to freedom camp correctly. Happy travelling and camping!

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