Georgian hospitality and tourism

Tourism remains one of the main sources of revenues for Georgia. This sphere is planned to be given further attention in the future. So, in order to make the country a tourism center for four seasons, in 2018, a number of activities will be carried out, including those aimed at developing ecotourism.

It should be noted that one of the factors of growth of the tourist flow in Georgia is the casino. Many foreigners are attracted by the opportunity to visit gambling establishments, as there are a lot of them on the territory of the country. First of all, we are talking about tourists from those countries where gambling is prohibited. Darren Keane, Shangri La representative spoke about the increase in the number of guests in their own institution.

The opening of new international flights in Tbilisi helped to increase the number of tourists. For foreign guests, a convenient way to get to Georgia is very important, added Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

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