Here’s How To Tell That Your Car Rims Are Bent

Car care and maintenance 101 dictates that the wheels and the rims of the vehicle are the top priority. They are the part of the car that takes that most damage because they’re the only part that touches the ground. The rims are in the worse position when it comes to curbside parking because a little bump can lead to dents, scratches, and scuff marks.

Damaged rims should be repaired or replaced immediately by searching for Mercedes Benz rims for sale. Not getting the dented rims fixed in time can turn from a small and affordable repair job to an expensive bill for a flat tire. Since the signs of a dented rim aren’t cut and dry, here are some symptoms to look out for when you suspect the rims of your Mercedes have sustained damage:

Sign #1: Vibration When Steering

If one or more rims in the car have moderate or severe damage, the driver will feel vibrations coming from the steering column. This is a clear indication that there is a problem. The shaking or the vibrating of the steering column is due to the lack of response from the wheels. Although there may be other reasons why your Mercedes Benz is vibrating, a bent rim is a very likely reason.

Severe damage will require a new set of Mercedes Benz rims for sale, don’t delay the replacement as it is dangerous to drive with dented rims.

Sign #2: Difficulty In Steering

The lack of steering responsiveness is one of the most dangerous signs of a bent and damaged rim. Due to the damage, tire pressure can decrease which impacts the ability of the steering wheel to respond. Losing control of the wheels while in the middle of the road is a situation every driver is afraid of experiencing. As soon as you detect difficulty or a “slushy” feeling when turning a corner, get the rim checked for dents.

Sign #3: Visible Wheel Damage

Damages sustained by the wheels after an accident is very easy to spot and is one of the most obvious signs of dented rims. However, cars with plastic or metal hubcaps might not show the true extent of the wheel damage. If this is the case with your vehicle, simply remove the hubcaps to inspect the wheels.

Check for any wheel deformation and other signs of wheel damage. Once detected, the car should be brought for immediate repairs to avoid blowing the tires and adding to the cost of repairs.

Sign #4: Constant Tire Deflating

The tires are designed and built to fit comfortably on the wheels. In instances where there is significant rim damage and the shape of the wheel has been compromised, the tire pulls away from the wheel which results in a leak. When you find yourself constantly adding air to your tire, it might be time to take a look at the state of the wheel and the rims for dents.

Never continue to drive a Mercedes with bent or severely damaged rims because it is very dangerous. Get them repaired or replaced at once!

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