How Differently Does Male and Female Brain Work?

As much we like to believe that both genders are the same, we can’t agree with it even if we want to. The difference goes beyond our imagination. It gears towards processing, chemistry, structure,and activity. Some guys would even claim that they have no idea how the female brains work because they might as well be species from a different world. Let’s focus on things that some we might already always have known and some that would add to our surprise and knowledge.

  • Men are better in math skills whereas women are better in language skills-

The parietal lobe of the male brain is larger than the females. Why specifying that part? Because it particularly controls math and visual perception. There are two parts that manage sensations and perceptions and the part that manages sensory information. Women undoubtedly are more talkative than men and also have better language skills. The temporal frontal lobe of women is larger than men. This handles the emotional side of women, memory, language, judgment, problem-solving ability.

  • Women are better at handling impulses and stressful momentsthan men

This information would not come as a shock for most of us, if only men were better at controlling their impulses then the world undoubtedly would have been in a different state. When talking about stress, women tend to advance that area by having an upper hand of a hormone called estrogen, which helps women to calm.To further explain this, humans release hormone oxytocin which when combines to estrogen results in calmness and when combined with testosterone, results in more aggressiveness.

  • Both can have a rough past

Nonetheless, no matter what either one does, having a rough past is one problem anyone can face. The things mentioned were some basic psychological facts and differences and there are a lot more but having a story to tell about hardship can be a personal thing experienced. This can have a lot of impact on a person’s life and there can be different behaviors towards it. Thanks to the modern world we can overcome certain emotions and feelings and go on to bigger and better things in our lives.

How to do that?

  • Try out apps for self-awareness and self-regulation- To keep yourself on track, trying an app called “Stop, Breathe & Think” helps with meditations and keeping emotions incheck. Knowing own progress and then making the changes for the better.
  • Try out practices to gain emotional intelligence by diving into yourself- There’s a tool out there called CREATIX®, developed by MarilynSchirmer. It’s built to break a person free from epigenetic conditioning and works in a way that you have to close your eyes and connect with your deeper self. There are plenty of cases reporting 100% results from practicing and people on the internet cannot stop talking about it. It’s a tool that harbors emotional intelligence in women and degenerate patterns of deep subconscious mind where the traumas reside and work up. There’s also a male version of the same tool called INNOVATRIX®and it deals with men addressing their PTSD, depression, anxiety,and anger.
  • Reach out –There is an array of support groups out there that anyone can practically attend. People who have similar issues join up together, talk about it and share practices which have effectively worked for them. Just reaching out, acknowledging people who have led similar experiences does half of the job because it repairs those patterns in your mind which constantly bombard your mind with thoughts of loneliness in dealing with your problems.
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