How to Choose Formal Shoes for Your Occasion

There’s no denying that all of us want to look astonishingly perfect when it’s a special occasion and therefore along with the outfit the perfect pair of shoes do matter a lot. Also, it’s never easy when you want to dress up for an occasion with formal shoes. Though the trusty black brogues go well in all the outfits, yet out of all the choices it’s very difficult to choose the right and best formal footwear. Not every formal shoe compliments every formal outfit and the personal style also comes into play. It’s therefore important to pick styles that match the style and personality and most importantly look good with what one wears.

Making the right choice for the formal shoes depends on the following factors with some set of rules


Selecting a complimenting color of the formal and casual shoe for men for the occasion is very difficult as there are so many beauteous colors available that that can become the first choice of everyone. Selecting the best suited color makes the task easier at color reflects the overall appearance. So while selecting the color it is important to check whether the color goes well the outfit or not. If the color goes complimenting the outfit then it is worth buying otherwise not.

Leather Quality

Quality is the thing which should never be compromised over other things. If the quality of the formal shoes is good then one gets comfortable in wearing them and feels confident about the shoes. Henceforth, what one should look for in superb leather is something that is supple yet firm.  Also the leather should be taken care of that whether or not it is lustrous. The durability of the leather is yet another factor to be considered.


In formal shoes, heels play an important role and therefore it becomes one of the factors to be considered while going for a formal shoe. Even if the shoe is nice it can make a difference if the heels are not well embedded. Like many a times it can be a very high heel not going well with the shoe or a short heel not going well with the shoe. Keeping in mind the height of the heel and the height of one’s own self syncing together is also very important.

Online solutions

Formal shoes can also be purchased online from various sites like koovs, amazon, jabong etc where there are a variety of formal shoes available for every occasion. Only thing to keep in mind is not to go only with the pictures but brand, reviews and details as well.

What you wear on your feet completely reflects what kind of look you’re going for, so it’s but obvious to take care when choosing formal shoes. If the above factors are kept in mind then selecting formal shoe for the occasion becomes easier and hence one can completely look astonishing on the occasion.

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