how to obtain trade license in Dubai

Obtaining a trade license is very important because, without any permit, you can never perform any action in the commercial and industrial field.

Trademark registration in Dubai, UAE is very necessary as it helps the person carries out the function without having the fear of his name getting stolen. There are a lot of businesses who have faced this thing. They name their business and do not register it. due to not registering it, someone else steals their name. all of this happens just because the first person did not go for Dubai trademark registration. So now you know how much your brand trademark registration is important.

Categories of licenses

There are three basic categories of the licenses that are issued in UAE. The nature of the license depends upon the nature of the business.

Commercial License

If a company is up to the trading of any sort of the goods and services, it should take the commercial license for its business activities

Industrial License

For the purpose of industrial activities like manufacturing, the company should take the Industrial License. This license will help the company in carrying out its required activities.

Professional License

People like artisans, craftsmen and other professionals have issued the professional license.

Department of licensing

There is a proper agency in Dubai that is responsible for issuing the licenses to the companies. It’s the Department of Economic Development in Dubai and is operating at different locations for the sake of providing the licensing services to the people.

What to do to obtain the license?

  • First of all, you need to have an approval from the central bank of UAE.
  • For obtaining the license of companies that want to engage themselves in commercial business should take the approval of Finance and Industry Ministry.
  • The approval of the Economy and Commerce Ministry is needed if a company wants a license for the businesses like insurance and other relevant stuff.
  • Health ministry will be the one to approve of the businesses including the medical and pharmaceutical products
  • For gas or oil production a company needs to get additional endorsements and approvals from other government agencies to work
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry should also be involved for the business trademark registration in Dubai as it is very important for you if you are really into your business.

Trademark and copyright registration in UAE

Trademark and copyright registration in UAE is becoming so popular because people are gaining insights about their businesses. register a trademark for your intellectual property as soon as possible.

UAE trademark registration and UAE copyright registration are so significant in UAE to take you to the roads of glory.

if you want to take your brand to the whole world, you can register brands worldwide as well. this is a great opportunity for the people and they should avail it as soon as possible to save their names and logos and much more. Your intellectual property is yours and nobody should be allowed to steal it from you.  Read more

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