In-Service Use of Force Training New York – Improving Subject Control

There are many schools that offer several hours of in-service use of force training New York. They specialize in defensive tactics, subject control, and de-escalation courses. By attending this program, detectives and police officers will further improve their safety expertise when faced with deadly situations in the real world.

Regardless of what you call it – subject control, defensive tactics or use of force – every police officer needs to update their skill set in this regard constantly. An officer’s knowledge in subject control could be the thin line between life and death. Unfortunately, only a handful of law enforcement agencies go beyond the typical 16 hours of subject control per year. Its high time law enforcement agencies started looking to improve on this aspect.  Here are some tips to help improve in service use of force training New York

Don’t Stop Training

The world never stops evolving, hence the need to keep updating one’s skill.  Law enforcement agencies must continuously train in order to be effective. While going with one system might be beneficial, allow police officers to attend multiple schools will be more enriching. There are no bad students, only bad teachers.  More importantly, choose schools that are renowned for hiring expert instructors.

Command Level Officer Must Undergo Use of Service Training

In service use of force training, New York should not be solely for field officers only. Mandate use of force training for command staff who judge the appropriateness of force used by line staff. Participating in subject control training will benefit them greatly. This training should not be a one-time thing. Rather, it should be an on-going process.

Use Video Review

Video review is another important training tool. Today more than ever, you get to see police activities being documented through video. Some of the training tools to opt for include dash cams, body cams and detention center videos. Officers can further improve on their skills by learning from evaluating and assessing their own performance. Recording training sessions that involve range drills and dynamic subject control incidents will come in handy.

In service use of force training, New York offers a platform for police officers to learn the new trends in attacks. What criminals were doing in the early 2000s is not the same thing as what they are doing in 2018. Likewise, what’s happening in 2018 will be different from what’s going to happen in 2050. This stresses the need for a continuous training exercise.

Sometimes, it’s wise to outsource a few tasks including subject control training. These experts train your use of service trainers to become highly efficient and effective in their duties.

Law enforcement agencies must do everything possible to enhance delivery of the most updated in service use of force training New York. It is unwise to take actions only when a training deficiency is detected due to a high-profile lawsuit or worse, an office injury or death. Training officers will help boost their confidence in protecting those whom they are called to serve.

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