Is Your Home Secure?

How secure is your home? Regardless of the neighborhood you live in; it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Crime happens all around the world, and although you can’t stop it, you can take the necessary steps to keep you and your family as safe as possible. It’s time to get a residential locksmith to help you secure your home.

Change the Locks to the Doors of Your Home Regularly

If you still have the same locks you did when you brought your home, it’s time to change them. Your locks should be changed once every three to five years. You should change your locks if you lose your key, your home has been broken into, you renovated your house, you have poor quality locks, or they are old and worn out. Locks can also be changed if you want to upgrade them to the latest, highest quality of lock. You may want to consider adding deadbolts in addition to your standard locks. Adding a strike plate or upgrading to smart locks are other options you have to make your home more secure.

Keep Your Windows Locked

There’s nothing like fresh air circulating through your home and making it a healthier place to live. Once you’re done taking in the fresh air, close and lock the windows. This tip seems obvious enough, but too often, homeowners forget to close and lock their windows. Forgetting to lock all aspects of your home makes it an invitation for burglars. You can avoid making yourself and your home a target by closing your windows and locking them when you’re away from home or asleep for the night. Other things you can do to keep your house from attracting burglars is keeping one or two lights on a timer to turn off and off at different times. Using lights with a timer means that one light is always on, making burglars think someone is home.

Make Sure Your Landscape is Well-Lit

A well-lit landscape deters criminals because there are no dark areas where they can hide. Strategically placing lighting around your home eliminates unlit areas and allows you to see when someone is on your property. Aside from security, a well-lit landscape lights up sidewalks and steps, which helps you see better at night and help you avoid falls and severe injuries. Motion-activated lights, also called motion-sensor lights, are ideal for your lighting your home’s landscape. Motion-activated lights turn on when it detects motion. It’s a good idea to put your security lighting on a timer.

Make Your Garage Secure

The garage is an entryway into your home. Your garage should be as secure as your home is, if not more secure. Even if criminals can’t get into your home, they may be happy with access to your garage, depending on the items you have. To make your garage more secure, cover the windows and have at least one more lock installed on the garage door. If you’re looking for an updated approach of technology for security for your home, you can upgrade your alarm system to one that includes a smart garage door opener.

Here at, we are dedicated to providing you and your family with the best security available. In addition to providing security, we also offer peace of mind. If you need a 24-hour locksmith in Salt Lake City Utah, we are here for you. Contact us today and let us know how we can make your home more secure.

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