Petite house

If we do not have a large house and our squares are limited, it is very important that we pay particular attention to the right layout and ergonomics. No other space needs to “hold” so many activities in as little square as a bachelor room!

We will look at how we can make a studio of about 30 square meters with a very stylish and minimal mood so that we can have everything we want! The basic rule is to divide the room into two, so we can devote one space to sleep and relaxation, and the other, the most public, to fun and hospitality.

  1. The sofa and the bed

Make sure to place the bed and sofa “back to back” in the center of the room so that each piece of furniture is facing a wall. It would be advisable to have these two basic furnishings the same color, so that there is color consistency rather than polychrome.

  1. The divider

If you place wooden blinds to separate the space apart from having a very natural and practical divider, you will create a wonderful atmosphere

  1. The tables

Avoid using bedside tables and tables. Instead, leather and cloth stools will do the same job and when you need them, they will also serve as extra seats!

  1. Lighting

With a very modern ceiling lamp and with two or three floor lamps in key points you want to emphasize, you will cover all your needs for gentle and light lighting.

  1. The home office

At one corner of the room where the bed is located, place a small office and a chair, and so create your small but very convenient office!

  1. The wall of the bed

Place the wall opposite the bed in practical storage systems and drawers and so cover your outfit and your personal belongings.

  1. The wall of the living room

On the wall opposite the sofa, place the TV, the game machines, the sound system, and do not forget to leave enough room for shelves and cupboards, preferably “hanging” so as not to reduce the already limited surface of your floor. You can also add some great posters that you will find at Papercollective and create a great theme on your wall.

  1. Fabrics

Choose simple patterns and airy fabrics for both furniture and curtains. So, you will not diminish and you will not burden your space with intense patterns, and the light will come in abundantly from your windows.

  1. Colors

Paint the walls in very light and pale colors, and continue the same color on your ceiling. This will instantly make your space appear much larger. For a lot of style and a more ‘loft’ atmosphere, place wood flooring in a very dark walnut.

Do not forget to

Place mirrors in clever places so I can grow up the space.

I chose a color theme for the walls, one for furniture, and one for all fabrics and curtains, so there is no multi-color in such a small space.

Give attention to the little details and with these we mean beautiful hand soap, a vase for your flowers, a nice mouse pad, or an aromatic candle. These small ornamental interventions, in addition to economical, add style to every home!


 We will never stop writing it: the right lighting is very important in a home, since it defines its tone, its style and its atmosphere. So beside the office lamp you are planning to spend hours … along with the exam, it is good to “invest” in the 1-2 extra luminaires. To give a retro touch to your home, look at the old lights that your parents have and have found a permanent place in your home warehouse. Alternatively, you can pass garlands with lights around the bed, your kitchen counter, your mirrors and your windows.

We say ‘yes’ to the plants

 No, we do not encourage you to fall with the waves in the books! Plants, however, are an intelligent and economical decorative solution for each and every family and non-home, and bring life and color to space.

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