Play Roulette and win virtual currency

Signing up in the website to play the roulette game with the virtual currency is pretty simple and easy. You just need to fill up details, like your email id, user id you want to use and password. Once you complete details, mail will be sent to the registered email id so that you can verify the email and then login to the website for playing the game. Sometimes mail may land up on your spam mail folders. You need to check there also. You need to be at least 18 or above to register and this is the only condition to register in the website as a player.

Rules and regulations of the game

Ethereum Games are normal casino games like roulette and there is not much difference in terms of rules and regulations. Like in normal games, before the wheel is spun, you need to place the bet in the form of chips on the number in which wheel will stop. With the spin button, you can spin the wheel and double button will double the bet you have made. With clear button, you can clear all the bet that has been made and start fresh.

Once you visit the website for bitcoin casino, you can find out the payout terms and odds of winning the bet for each type of the bets. There are different types of the bet available for Roulette game. Though currently, only roulette is played with virtual currency in near future you can see other games also being played with bit coin or other digital currencies. It is going to be the future of the online casino with the value of the digital currency is getting increased also with the highly secured way of transactions it will be liked by many. Be ready for the change in short time.

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