Popular Campgrounds In L.A.

There are many attractions in the Los Angeles area that draw in many thousands of travelers per year. From the fantastic year round weather to the glitzy attractions throughout the city to the food to the beaches, L.A. is a camper rental traveler’s dream come true. This means great things for those passing through L.A. since there are many great RV parks in the area that offer terrific locations and comfortable amenities. It is entirely possible to use one of these great campgrounds as your base for your entire stay in the region so that you can experience the thrills and pleasures of Los Angeles by day and camp out in comfortable conditions by night.

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Hollywood RV Park

Just like the name implies, this park is located right in the heart of world famous Hollywood. As a matter of fact, you could even walk from the park to Hollywood and even Beverly Hills. This park is very comfortable and offers full hookups, great service and amenities, and easily the best location of all L.A. parks. There are famous murals on the walls and some of your neighbors may even be celebrities. Overall this is a colorful Hollywood institution and an absolute must for road trippers on the West Coast.

Dockweiler RV Park

If the reason you’re in L.A. is to experience the beach, then here is your parl for sure. This is the only park in L.A. that is located directly on the beach and it offers sweeping views of beautiful Malibu and Catalina Island. The facilities here are known to be clean and top notch all the way, and the service is great. Not only this but the rates are very reasonable as well for a park with such a great location in a major city. Located directly on the beach, the water is only a short stroll away no matter which site you may be located on. It just doesn’t get any better than this for a beach-filled LA stay.

Golden Shore RV Resort

Another park with beach access, Golden Shore is located in long Beach and is directly next door to the famous Aquarium of the Pacific, which is a major attraction itself. This is a smaller park which offers a degree of privacy and a laid back quality that travelers love. This is a great place for a camper rental stay since it offers access to the beach plus is within driving distance of all the L.A. attraction, but still it’s far enough from the center that it isn’t as full and busy as most of the other parks in the region.

Malibu Beach RV Park

You’re most likely heard of Malibu and the total splendor it offers. Well, this park puts you right above Malibu beach right in the heart of this opulent paradise. The park itself offers lush grounds and has great water views. This is an upscale camp with lots of great perks including a clubhouse and top notch amenities. This is one of the most legendary camps in the area and has been known to host celebrities and a whole cast of colorful L.A. characters. With its pristine location and eclectic, upscale vibe this is an experience you certainly won’t want to miss.

Anaheim RV Park

If you wanted to be close to Disneyland, this park is as close as you will get with a conventional RV park. This pet friendly park offers full service hookups and lots of great amenities plus clean grounds and great service. The grounds are dotted with massive trees that offer great protection from the California sun. The park is only a short drive to Disney and all the wonders this famous park has to offer. This makes it the perfect park for a family stay since you can take your kids to Disney during the days and enjoy your nights at a comfortable and well maintained RV park, plus it puts you in close range of L.A. and all the attractions and sites the city has to offer. This makes the park famous with campers looking to do long stays in the region and enjoy all the attractions on offer for travelers.

For anyone on a camper rental journey on the west coast of America, you will not doubt be passing through the L.A. region. This sunny and unique area is perfect for a long stay with its beaches, great weather, and abundance of attractions and things to do and see. It all comes down to choosing one of the many parks in the region that will put you in your ideal location that will best suit your needs for your L.A. stay. Whatever the case, there are literally dozens of great parks in the area to choose from. So do your research and come up with the ideal park for your L.A. stay.


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