Self-inking Stamp

Self-inking stamp Rubber stamps play a very important role in organizations as far as verification of documents is concerned. To determine the authenticity of a letter, memo or any other given document within an organization, they always look for a rubber stamp. Rubber stamps, however, come in different forms and designs. There is the old design of rubber stamps which involved the use of ink pads. Similarly, there is a more developed and advanced self- inking rubber stamp design.

The Kiasu Print is a renowned stamp and chop maker who are responsible for the development and distribution of the self-inking stamps. For over ten years, Kiasu Print has been leading markets in the print business. They boast of intense experience and expertise in matters related to printing.

The introduction of self-inking rubber stamps marked the end of the tedious stamping processes which were used in the past. The self-inking stamps are very economical on ink and ensure cleanliness since the ink does not stain documents as when ink pads are used.

Those interested in the self-inking rubber stamps and other products from Kiasu Print Company can order for products from It is due to the growing number of customers that led to and the need to reach global customers Kiasu Print establishing the online process for products to be made available onĀ

Kiasu Print produces simple but unique rubber stamps that are ideal for your company or business. Some of the quality features involved are; pre-inked stamps. They have ink reservoirs which are originally filled with ink and refilling is only done a few times. Self-inking; means they re-ink after making an impression.

They can use different types of ink. Durable waterproof ink; this makes them more efficient. Portable; due to their pre-inked and self-inked properties, they are highly unlikely to spill ink hence easy to carry around. This combination of unique modern features solves many challenges faced by traditional rubber stamps and makes the Kiasu Print stamps stand out in the market.

There are several types of stamps used in business and daily life such as gift stamps, address stamps, date stamps, bank stamps, office stamps, notary stamps, art and logo stamps, seal stamps, wedding stamps and signature stamps. All these are convenient alternatives to other techniques for authentication and confirmation of transactions. For instance, using a rubber stamp signature is better than manually signing. The latter may be original, but it is tedious, time-consuming and most likely inconsistent. With a stamp, the work is neat, and it takes seconds to put it on paper.

When creating a rubber stamp, there are various factors we consider. The customer preference. The stamp should match the requirements ordered by the client. The customer sends a request mostly through email and describes how the stamp should look like. If a company logo is involved, a high definition picture should be sent as well, along with the company’s name, number and other details. However, it is advisable to keep your stamp precise but informative.

Too much information is unappealing. The font type also matters since it attracts the customer to read it. The best commonly used font types include an acid label which has an artistic effect, stencil, used in most formal stamps and is easily readable and true type; commonly used in modern operating systems and presents formality.

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