Starting Your Direct Sales Business Online? – IMPORTANT TIPS

As an individual who wants to sell online, making the first sale is very important, it’s beyond symbolic. Maybe it sounds straightforward enough, but fact is it generates optimism and represents something very important for the business you are starting. It’s known that getting that first client is a difficult and long task. One of the reasons is that consumer behavior changes on a daily basis. You also have no previous history to base from and the trust level and authority is at rock-bottom.

Something is for sure: online shopping can be seen as a real trend that is certainly here to stay. Studies demonstrate that 1.5 billion people make online purchases per year and that number will increase for sure. Another metric that is growing fast is the number of social media users. It’s known that there are 2 billion worldwide social media users and it’s expected to grow to 2.5 billion by next year.

So the integration between social media platforms and online businesses is a fact. Brands are taking advantage of all those social media users to sell their products and services online. Something is for sure: social media is very effective when it’s about brand exposure. It has created a situation where there is little barrier to entry and finding custom through digital channels has never been easier with so many platforms, search facilities and data points to analyze and re-target.

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You can easily find thousands of business sales tips out there, but in order to execute them, you require several months to put them into effective practice. This is where you will need to understand that there are complications which need to be addressed and overcome. Today I’m giving you a full list of online sales advice that can be implemented immediately. Here they are:

  1. Find someone to partner with. Try to find someone who works in the same business you are in for better results. Trading leads, sharing marketing information and sell some package deals are some of the activities you can do with your new business partner. It can be hard to part with some of your business, but ultimately, if it will create a situation of growth and sustainability through added value and expertise, then it is the most logical decision. Do not be afraid to let other become involved. Just be meticulous as to who they are, what their background is and what their goals are.
  2. It’s mandatory that you brand your business and name. A very good way to do this is by writing and submitting articles to article directories. The benefits of creative writing, content production and guest posting is vast. Visibility, awareness, website traffic, trust, familiarity, Public relations. Links back to your site are also a powerful tool for the domain authority of your website within the search engines.
  3. Take some time during the week to brainstorm. You need new idea, something different that will guarantee you success. No new ideas flowing tend to business failure through stagnation and becoming out-dated.

Structure a plan and strategy for different scales with the campaigns you intend on experimenting with. Marketing in many different ways to capture all forms of audience relevant to your industry.

  1. Try to model some business strategies from other individuals who succeed in your niche. Please don’t copy other’s work, just learn what made them successful and put it in practice. There is no reason to re-create the wheel. Because if you can see something works, but you believe it could be better with slight adjustments, or an alternative angle – then strive to that. As long as you have a string USP, and brand identity, you are on course for success.
  2. Make sure you take some risks. This will improve your business for sure. You need to invest money in order to have success, free advertisement should be combined with pay advertisement to get great results. Remember, if you do not believe, then you are never going to succeed. Invest the money and try, if you do not then you are suggesting that it is not worthwhile. Have a go, if it goes wrong, you learn – therefore you never lose.
  3. When creating your advertisement, use emotion on them. You can include some of the following: relief, satisfaction, security, love, fun, happy, freedom, etc. Create a situation of a relationship – not a sale. You are here to form a partnership for years to come, not to secure a quick win and be done. This is not the key to sustainable growth.
  4. You need to ask some people online to make reviews about your site. The comments you’ll get will help you make better your online site. Capterra is a great platform for some businesses to build authority. Other sites will be more suited to your needs. But praise from others is far more meaningful than blowing your own trumpet. Kindly ask your best suitors to leave feedback. Possibly incentivize these as they will be worth it.
  5. Outsourcing your work is very important. Employees cost a lot, you can easily save, by just outsourcing some tasks. Especially if they can be done more efficiently. Be honest with yourself if you are not good at something. We can’t all be experts – delegation is a crucial business skill to managing productively. Lead generation software, graphic design, social marketing, web design, there is a lot of components to a successful online business.
  6. Make package deals. You can easily do this by putting together a service and a product. This will increase your sales for sure. People enjoy saving. Discounting in bulk. Work out your margins and see what you have to play with. More sales at a lesser margin is going to result better than less with more – in most cases.
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