Take Advantage of a Local Bird Hawking Programme

Bird proofing in commercial spaces can seem a troublesome prospect but when you call in specialists that use proven techniques you can enjoy confidence that an effective and competitively priced solution will be employed for lasting results.

Please resist any temptation to handle a bird population increase yourself. You may think that a small to medium sized bird problem can be resolved with a little arm waving, a scarecrow or by honking a horn or klaxon occasionally. You might believe that you’ve cleverly saved money, but you’ll have wasted your time and energy. Birds are intelligent enough to realise when the threat (the noise or movement) they are being presented with isn’t going to harm them and they simply return.

You may also break the laws which apply to bird control, which many outside the industry do not realise exist.  All local bird control work undertaken by a licensed firm is carried out in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 under General Licence and Natural England’s rules.

If there was no need for expert assistance for compliant bird control, why would professional measures be in constant demand?   Companies including Apex Environmental Services have trained qualified specialists who utilise the most effective methods after a thorough assessment of the infestation, its species, size and location.

Apex Environmental Services are members of the British Pest Control Association so humane solutions are guaranteed. There’s no reason why the bird control should ever cause suffering to the birds. Follow up work including guano clearance should also be handled by professionals with a full understanding of the health and safety risks.

Options available for temporary and permanent installations include:

  • Anti-bird netting.
  • Anti-bird mesh.
  • Anti-bird spikes.
  • Post and wire systems.

Hawking and bird scaring delivers another effective avenue which is perfect in many commercial bird control cases.

Local bird hawking programmes are efficient and work on the principle that the problem birds nesting or feeding on or around the site view a hawk as a predator. The hawk threatens their own, their young and egg survival so they move away from its flight path for their own safety.

This is their perception of events, but specialist bird control technicians know that the trained hawk they fly over the area at a variety of times presents no risk to the birds, the threat is mental not physical.

Pigeons and gulls can realise that the hawk may not be as troubling as their first impression indicated so a programme of irregularly timed, frequency and routed flights is essential to maintain the sense of possible danger.

Local bird hawking programmes are normally used in conjunction with other bird scaring measures including bio-acoustics, pyrotechnics, firing blanks and flying kites.

Bio-acoustics replicates the distress calls of birds and digitally plays them back as a warning to the problem birds to fly away.

For a natural, environmentally friendly and humane bird control solution speak to Apex Environmental Services team about their local bird hawking services, bird scaring and bird proofing installations.

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