The Importance of Optimizing Translation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about translations? Does it feel outdated, maybe slow and rigorous? Truth is a lot has optimized in the world of language translations and many thanks to your trusted sidekick the Internet. That is right the thing you use to look up everything on that ever so amazing smartphone has allowed us to be inclusive and allowed for a true global marketplace. Although the global marketplace is one massive reason on why translations have been on the rise, but it is not the only one, in fact English is the third most widely spoken language in terms of native speakers (estimated 330 million) and most popular when you count the people who speak it. So why is it important? Mainly because not everyone speaks English, but even if you did (as second language), studies have shown that almost without exception people respond better to the language they grew up speaking. For business purposes, this is key since someone that does not feel comfortable understanding a foreign language not native to them will not decide as easy as they would if translated to their native tongue. That easily converts to consumers, where studies have shown that 75% of customers prefer to complete a purchase in their native language.

Not all translation services are the same, while many programs do exist and are out there, it is extremely vital that the service provider uses humans as the mean of translation versus computer software. Computer software can provide very crude translation and can leave words out of context due to the simple fact that in many languages the same word can have many different meanings. Experience and background are an important factor that the service provider must understand the language being used. What services are available out there? Phone interpreters are a great example and provided in excellent quality at companies like Ezispeak telephone translation services. These companies give you access to an on demand certified interpreter 24/7, 365 days a year with access to over 160 languages. These companies also claim that the interpreter will have the appropriate skills needed for the service rendered combined with the best of breed telephony platform. Overall working with a qualified translator that possess the skills needed for said task will land you the best quality translation but also understand and speak the language their heart speaks. Therefore, providing a higher chance of achieving your business goals by avoiding risk when translating.

The correlation between supply and demand with emerging global markets and the need for translations in those emerging languages is pretty straight forward but one key factor that has this industry booming is due to gain of access to the internet in these emerging markets that previously did not exist. In the past most of the world’s web content used to be in English, that has since changed and longer the case. This is extremely important because the number one reason translation has become such a commodity is: it allows information to spread across cultures.

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