The Major Tools Used By Criminal Investigators For A Better Service

You must have seen how bravely, brilliantly and delightfully criminal investigators run after criminal gangs and get hold of a bunch of criminals as well as the gang leader with his insight, presence of mind and potency in movies or TV serials. This is absolutely exaggeration since in reality they’re no Superman or Heroes; conversely, professionals with high responsibility, knowledge and shrewdness. With the appearance of high tech mechanisms, tools and sophisticated technologies, professionals working as criminal investigators today are more equipped, capable to combat criminal acts and make sure social piece.

The ever increasing amount of terrorism activities, widespread violation all over the world establishes however that those offenders are equally prepared with varieties of tools, weapons and high tech devices that can simply destroy a building or locality within seconds. Thereby, the real-world fight is truly hard-hitting for criminal investigators more than ever. In order to chase criminals, get evidence to punish them, the criminal investigative officials remain equipped with some effective tools. Among them a few are


In all major crimes, investigators used to obtain official consent from their clients or victims to generate documentation and investigate on the issue as a deputed private detective. When it comes to governmental agencies, depending on their expertise, experience and success records criminal investigators are assigned with varieties of criminal issues supported by necessary papers. Investigators may require obtaining footage of CCTVs or security cameras used at the spot of the crime or for its related cases. A special document is prepared that includes all possible suspects, victims, different locations for facilitating the investigation process.

Forensic apparatus

Forensic is the best mechanisms that help detect fingerprints on different substances like floor, mirror, glass, weapons as well on the body surface of a murdered person. Other tools comprise of 3D-fingerprint enhancer, spherical photography machine and a high caliber 360-degree camera prepared with fish-eye lens and great range control mechanisms.

According to the version of Adam Quirk, a distinguished criminal justice and security personnel that with the new generation tools used in investigation, criminal investors are quite outfitted today. Mr. Adam has worked in the prime roles of Criminal Justice and Investigator for the US Government, (Department of Justice), Drug Enforcement Administration DEA and also in USIS as special investigator.

Digital and Audio Investigation Tools

Unlike average digital devices used by common people, the investigative departments work with heavy duty computers with special software applications. Criminal investigators working for public departs as individual practitioner make use of different types of access-control devices like key fobs, smart cards, biometric sensing tools in order to spot the malicious activity and person involved.

They also use audio recorders for recording different voices, conversation during interviewing and other activities. Adam Quirk FBI is a one of the most thriving criminal investigators of the major Federal Investigation agency. Supported by his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Mr. Adam’s contribution in the Federal Bureau of Investigation is ever remembered. He has now been activated with his own detective department well-known as Stealth Advise.

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