Things to know about Napillo: The Cooling Pillow

Napillo, the cooling pillow consists of excellent quality, consistent bamboo memory foam. It is hypoallergenic as well as best for the patients of asthma and allergy patients. People suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders can suffer from depression.

Attributes of Napillo

  • Coolness: While sleeping, sweat, and heat disturb the sleep then Napillo pillow will provide cool all night.
  • Decreases Anxiety & Stress: Sleep disorders can causes anxiety and also enhance the chances of increased depression of an individual.
  • Suitable for Asthma Patients: Napillo: the cooling pillow is naturally hypoallergenic which is perfect for allergy sufferers and asthma. It is certified from Phthalate, latex, lead & BPA free.
  • Advertise All round Well-being: The researchers have proved that sleep disorders make anyone feel tired. It will add more chances in mood swings and tension
  • Excellent quality: The cooling pillow is a boom for the patients with the awesome design. It is 100 percent ethically sourced and vegan. It has high-lifetime.

   Benefits of Napillo:

It is super supportive with memory foam which gives cooling to the neck. It prevents from infestation. It is long-lasting and never loses its shape. It relaxes from stiffness, pain, and headaches.


November-December: The campaign goes live

November-January-campaign ends-production begins

January-February: Production complete-supervision begins

February- March: Orders shipped to backers

March- April- All order fulfilled.

The Team: The cooling pillow came into existence for giving a good night’s sleep. It is the result of continuous research and analytical studies. They are with countless product designers who have chosen Napillo. The mission is to make the difference from other products.

About us: The company has graduated in 2014 and has various ranges of ventures as well as projects. They have incredible love and passion to develop the product. The goal is to help people live a comfortable life with Napillo.


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