Top 10 Best Credit Repair Services 2017

Seeking credit repair is a process that you can do personally or seek professional assistance. If you are searching for companies, you need reputable providers with sufficient experience and expertise to handle financial requirements. Here are the 10 best credit repair companies that you can choose from in 2017. is a company that specializes in resolving bad credit. Since 1997, they have served different clients and achieved more than a million negative items removed. Their system also provides a dashboard for users to monitor their progress. Also, the company provides alerts and credit monitoring that is available 24/7.

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Lexington Law

Lexington Law boasts more than 25 years of experience in helping people resolve bad credit scores. They offer legal and financial advice to people to help improve their capabilities to access credit. Among the services they offer are tax liens, charge-offs, bankruptcies, and other services to remove negative items on your score.

MSI Credit Solutions

MSI Credit Solutions is a company that focuses on credit rebuilding, restoration, and repair. Its primary office is in Texas and offers solutions to English and Spanish speaking customers. The company provides free consultation and provides an evaluation based on client requirements. They also provide guarantees to increase the total point by at least 50, or they will refund clients.

My Credit Group

My Credit Group is a company that comprises of different experts in handling credit issues. Since its establishment in 2000, the company offers different types of services such as credit bureau disputes, debt validation, and creditor negotiation. Also, the company assists clients seeking new lines of credit and offers counseling ideas. My Credit Group works best for people seeking affordable and extensive services.

Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services is a company that offers different solutions for people with bad credit. Their area of expertise focuses on creating customizable programs to meet various needs of clients. They use a one-on-one approach to ensure that customers get the best available options that complement their needs. is a company that promotes educational tools and solutions to fix bad credit. They offer credit evaluations to help prospects identify whether they need credit repair services. The company also boasts support to English and Spanish speaking clients. Customers can get value from removing false information and the credit negotiation process.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a company that specializes in eliminating different items that provide a negative rating in your score. Sky Blue Credit continues to receive a high rating from its previous clients’ due to their capabilities. One of their promises is the chance to remove 15 items, five items for every bureau, every 35 days. They also offer consultations for free to assess your current standing and determine which service fit your requirements.

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is another suitable credit repair company. The company started in 2009 with a businessman and lawyer trying to assist people with bad credit. Today, the company continues to grow and offer different options available for clients. They offer expert advice on how to deal with low credit rating and use proven strategies to increase success rates. The company also provides information to assist clients in managing credit.

The Credit People

The Credit People is a company established in 2001 and offers consultation and credit repair services to customers. It is based in Orlando and employs support, analysts, and specialists to help your credit needs. The company offers special features that advance new strategies to resolve disputes. For example, they pursue different strategies such as referral letters and training to ensure considerable score increase. The service works best for people searching for a variety of service options and flexibility in payment options.

Trinity Credit Services

Lastly, Trinity Credit Services supports people suffering from bad credit. Their approach focuses on helping clients deal with credit issues through the promotion of efficient and proven strategies. Currently, the company has assisted more than 20,000 clients and continues to integrate new solutions to improve credit scores.

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