Understanding the difference between Sales and Marketing by Rick Fleshman

Sales and Marketing are the terms people frequently hear collectively when working with any kind of company whether it is large or small. In certain ways, this is rational as both of them need to work together. But technically speaking, Sales and Marketing are two very diverse functions and necessitate very diverse skills.

Rick Fleshman explains the difference between sales and marketing:

Rick is the CEO of iAM Marketing and Ormeus Global and is a knowledgeable leader and a U.S. Army veteran with several years of varied international experience. As the head of an extremely skilled team, he makes it a point to incorporate sound management practices. To keep with the requirements in the marketing industry, he uses social media to connect with others and to learn the current trends.

Rick Fleshman further added that sales and marketing are both intended at increasing revenue. They are so closely related that people often do not understand the difference between the two. Rick points out the difference which sales and marketing shares:

  • Marketing is the methodical planning, control and implementation of business activities to draw mutually sellers and buyers. On the other hand, a sale is the deal between the buyers and sellers as buyers gets products and services in exchange for cash.
  • Marketing involves wider variety of activities to trade product and service, client rapport etc.; understanding future needs and has a policy in place to meet those requirements for the long term relationship. While sales make customer demand equivalent to the products the company presently offers.
  • Marketing primarily focuses on the overall picture to share out, endorse, price products and services; accomplish customer’s needs and requirements through products and services which the company offers. Sales focus on how to fulfill the sales volume.

In spite of so many difference that exist between sales and marketing, still they are somehow related as without marketing the sales of a company can suffer to a great extent. Markets are changing on a constant basis. The job of marketing is to stay at the forefront of the changes, and assist people by providing them with the right ammunition. So in case the concept of marketing does not exist in today’s market then it can certainly become very difficult to get the sale of the product or service done. On the other hand, without sales, marketing efforts can run short. Marketing guides sales as to where they should be looking for and what thing to use. However, it is important to note that if marketing becomes a sales support function focused only on at the present, the future can become misplaced.

Rick Fleshman has spent his early years in Kansas City and he founded his first business in 1994 which has been based in Chicago and known as Full Circle Network. The company in the coming years has experienced terrific growth and this is when Mr. Fleshman merged it with a California company referred to as the Earnware Corporation.

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