Water Problem: Hard water

Water is the most basic requirement for living beings for better survival as water can be used in washing, drinking, bathing and for other personal use also. The thing which have to be keep in mind that there is a great difference in Soft and Hard water. Soft water can be used in all type of work with no worries.

The water in which extra calcium and magnesium is present is considered as Hard water. This Hard water cannot be used for personal use. This type of water is created when the water passes from the passage where there is formation of rocks and it takes extra calcium and magnesium. The hard water is not difficult to differentiate from soft water. Due to the extra magnesium and calcium present in hard water, there is formation of scum when it is added to soap. This scum creates lots of problems as it collects on shower walls, clogs the pores of skin, clings to hair and cleaning the house from this water is that’s why so uneasy. Hard water can also give us head ache of damage pipes, and water heaters will also not work properly and that’s why water softener appliances is must be use to remove headache of hard water.

Appliances or Systems for Water Softener

Nelson Water Company provides many machines which helps to remove hardness of water with ease and meaningful manner. The following are the two best water softener appliances which is very common among customers of Nelson Water.

ERR 3700

This is designed especially for city water as it will soften, clean and filter the water for you. This appliance is to understand and smart looking also.

ERR 3702

This is twin of ERR 3700 but it comes with extra facility of Electronic Timer Controllers and it also sends alerts, if you are using water in excessive.

All above appliances have different features and very stylish also.

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