What makes optically.com.au the best choice for buying prescription glasses online?

When you’re looking at buying glasses online, there are several factors that need to be considered. For some reading this article, it may just be the wide choice of frames, whereas for some others it may be the accuracy of lenses and for some picky and hard to please customers like me, it could be both!

optically.com.au has a range of thousands of frames for men and women. You can get yourself a complete pair of glasses (yes, including prescription lenses) from just $29. Now, I have worn glasses for a long part of my life but I have always paid in excess of $150 for my glasses! When I was searching for glasses online and found optically.com.au, I was surprised to see the range of frames and the price. What surprised me further was that the price includes prescription lenses!

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I browsed through the website and placed an order for a beautiful pair of black glasses! The ordering process was simple. I just selected my frame, entered my prescription and paid using paypal. Finally, it did take about ten days for my glasses to arrive but I couldn’t be happier. Optically has saved me loads of money and made me look great too!

So what really made optically.com.au the best choice for buying prescription glasses?

1) The wide selection of frames
2) Accurate lenses made to prescription
3) A wonderful virtual-mirror that help me choose my glasses so easily….i just love this and buying without the virtual mirror would be so difficult!
4) A home trial facility to try glasses in the comfort of my home.
5) An easy facility to upload the prescription or just enter the prescription online.

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Finally, the glasses come beautifully packaged in a wonderful leather finished case and box! Next time I need to buy glasses online in Australia, I know where to head to!

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