Why Every Electronic Commerce Business needs to have a Blog

What you want, apart from selling, is having traffic on your site. Having a blog generates what you long for. Everyone understands the first part, but very few understand the second.

The thought that the only means to generate sales is compromising with direct sales sounds tempting. But managing inventories, generating a list of emails and making calls to action to acquire leads will only work to a certain extent. If you spend all your time trying to convert potential customers into loyal customers, you will soon be neglecting those reasons why your customers have discovered your business. Check out clickfunnels review 2017 to know how to make them stay.

Writing a blog post is a perfect way to build your audience and generate more traffic which brings for your business. You shouldn’t handle it as an unnecessary luxury. Even writing infrequently helps your business.

How a Blog can Aid you in Web Crawlers

If your audience is small, you may be tempted not to write on your blog because you will have the feeling that nobody is going to see it anyway. Don’t give up, having a blog is a means to be certain that this small audience stays it’s also how to sale on amazon marketplace.

Post contents even if you feel that you are not opening paths since this is a good method to support your SEO tactics. This is mainly accurate if you generate content that people want to link and/share it helps in the reasons below:

  • First, blogs translate into more pages for your webpage. More pages mean more internal links that point to your homepage.
  • Internal links are great, but links from more sites are much better. When an article of yours is shared on social platforms and linked to those of other sites, then your page ranking improves. It is easy to generate interesting content links to your product pages, and the links can generate new traffic to your site due to the content you make because the better it is, the search engines will segment it on its first page.
  • Maintaining a blog with regular content also indicates that your webpage is updated. Google appreciates this by increasing the ranking of your site. Know more on clickfunnels pricing page.
  • Writing in the blog also provides you the chance to create content around the keywords that are your goal. You will benefit from any blog post linked to your product. It isn’t just the certitude that someone searching for a topic will have more chances of reaching your site, it will also give you the chance to create powerful internal links that will link to your product pages.
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