Why Free Range Chicken is Superior to Chickens from Industrial Farms

The world cannot seem to get enough of free range chicken these days. It is being sold more and more by free range butchers who present it as the highest quality and best tasting chicken you can buy. Here is why you should consider buying it for your family.

With nearly 22 billion animals in farms around the world, chicken is by far the animal most farmed for its meat. Part of the reason for this is, because chicken meat is light, tender, easy to prepare, and easy to digest.

Another reason is the chickens are easily domesticated. Once they know where they live, you hardly have to build fences or gates.

And finally it is because chickens are very sturdy animals, who can survive in many different conditions.

Chickens are Generally Raised in Terrible Conditions

This last reason however has had negative consequences on how the chickens we generally eat are raised. Most chickens are raised in industrial farms that typically have millions of chickens. They’re kept in very small cages where they are not allowed to move hardly at all.  In some cases, chickens will never move outside of an area that is three or four times its size.

Industrial Chicken Farms Use Antibiotics and Hormones

These conditions are harsh and in many cases cruel, and cause these chickens to be constantly ill, and have shorter lives. To compensate for the harsh conditions, industrial farms give the chickens growth hormones, and a constant diet of antibiotics. In spite of this disease is often rampant. These are the conditions that created the Bird Flu and several other sicknesses that can move from chickens to other animals and even to humans. This leads to millions of these chickens being destroyed every year.

Even the chickens that are not destroyed because of bad health, are often sick during their lives, and the medication they are given ends up in their flesh. These animals are the ones sold in most of the supermarket and even butcher shops all around the world. This is especially the case in Western countries, where the demand for chicken continues to grow.

As industrial Farms have come to dominate supplying chicken meat in these countries, there’s a huge concern about the quality of the chicken meat that we are purchasing and serving our families.

Free Range Chicken

Free range chicken is a fast-growing industry that returns us to the way the chickens used to be raised. It consists of small usually family-owned farms that raise chickens in their natural habitats, allowing them to run free. These free-range chickens are fed a high nutrient diet that does not contain any growth hormones.  And because the chickens are not kept in small cages for their entire lives, there’s no need for the constant stream of antibiotics that they are fed on Industrial farms.

Free Range Chickens have Healthier Meat that Tastes Better

The result is healthier birds that are larger and whose meat is tastier.  They also contain higher concentrations of important vitamins and nutrients and because very see much more exercise during their lives, they have less fat Free-range chickens are the highest quality chicken products you can purchase.

This sustainable meat is treated with high standards from birth until they’re sold by free-range butchers. So whether you purchase free range chicken at a butcher shop or through online butchers, the quality of the meat and the service is extremely high.

As more consumers understand the benefits of free range chicken, the market for their meat continues to boom.

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